A Tiny Japanese Experiences Great Romania

August 10, 2013  |  By Nanami Kato, Japan

A Tiny Japanese Experiences Great Romania

Photo : Natalie Hrazdilek

I didn’t even properly feel I was finally in Romania, as I arrived in Bucharest at midnight and couldn’t see anything on my trip from Bucharest to Brasov. In brief, my journey to Romania certainly began here, in Brasov.

What a dramatic city! Walking through the city centre, I couldn’t hide my excitement. Brasov is bigger than I expected. I am in Europe for the first time, and so everything has been so fresh for me. Before arriving, I was in India. And my view turned 180 degrees around from a typical Asian country to a European country! Of course I loved India, and I already miss my Indian family, food, vitality and some particular customs like eating with my right hand! By comparison, if India is “active”, Romania is “quiet”. In India, all buildings are colourful and vivid, from the houses to the temples. On the other hand, most Romanian buildings have a pretty reddish brown roof which unify in a row of houses and streets. Some Indian families have a dog as a guard dog. I eventually couldn’t find any Indians taking their pet dog for a walk. What about in here? Thanks to Romanian people, I miss my beloved dog, as Romanians treat their dogs as part of their families.

For me, Romania is a fairyland. On the way to Bran castle I realized this country is wealthy in natural environment: a shepherd looked after a flock of sheep, horse carts still being used as a way of transportation, snowy peaks in the distance. How peaceful it is here! So many beautiful castles just stand tall in the forests. I came here with a great longing for a European castle. In Japan, there are some historical churches. However, I could only see European castles at the Disneyland in Tokyo! I’ll surely meet a girl who puts on a red hood or Hansel and Gretel in the forest during my stay in Romania. An evil witch might lurk in town and she would plot to eat me after I get fat.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about Romania before I came here. In Japan, news of Romania does not reach our ears. And so I want to know more and more! About life after the Revolution or why there are so many pharmacies in this country? How do the people enjoy the hot summer? I’m living in Brasov with unfailing interest. My trip has just begun...

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