Trump vs Journalism

The battle of Free Speech vs the man who thinks everyone should be censored but himself

July 10, 2017  |  By Sarah Westin, United States

Trump vs Journalism

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This past week and a half in Brasov, away from America, has almost felt like a detox. I haven't been glued to CNN or refreshing Trump's twitter account every few hours, to see what new, juvenile story he's come up with.

Today, I decided to look into what has been happening in my corner of the world. I would be lying to you if I told you my heart wasn't broken.

Our president is no stranger to speaking his mind without a filter. A common sense filter, a filter that is not spoken, but known. The one thing I think President Trump IS, a stranger to, is his actual role of being president.

Trumps has been known to attack journalists and news media. But there is a trend. He only attacks those whose views oppose his own. If this happened once, maybe even twice, I believe most would let it go. However, this is far from the case. His ridicule towards today’s journalists are constant. They are demeaning. They send the message that "Free Speech is great, as long as I approve of it". This is not okay. This is not normal.

The thing is, he isn't only attacking journalists. He's attacking future journalists. He’s attacking the majority, which as late, has started to feel like the minority. He is scaring people away from telling the truth. He feels as if he shouldn't be censored, yet the media should.

I am in Brasov interning as a Journalist. Before I departed, I felt the burdens of my aspirations slightly. But now, actually doing what I love, and reading his message, it’s scary. Its sad. Its childish.

With being President, a certain level of maturity is required. Posting poorly photoshopped videos of him slamming down a man with the CNN logo on his face, is NOT reaching that level of maturity. Him STILL raving about Hillary Clinton is NOT reaching that level of maturity. Him criticising others over the most petty reasons, instead of preparing to meet with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is NOT reaching that level of maturity.

When will he stop? When will be put his big boy pants on, and realize he has perhaps one of the most fragile and significant job in the world? When will he actually listen to world leaders, instead of looking around aimlessly while they are talking? Just because he might not be able to speak french or german, does not mean he shouldn’t make eye contact and genuinely take interest in their words. When will he show future leaders and his own american people, the respect they deserve?

I, for one, will not stop calling out Trump on his incompetency. I will continue to speak my mind, in a classy, thought out way. So will others. Together, we must show that we will not give up until things change. Until I can be proud to tell others that I am American while abroad, without fearing how they might think of me. Until I can be positive I can share my views without feeling in danger. Until he actually starts “making America great again”.

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