Quotes that Inspire Us :

"...Ogres are like onions...they both have layers" (Mike Meyers as Shrek)

August 29, 2013  |  By Stefni Borchardt, South Africa

Quotes that Inspire Us :

The reason why I have chosen this quote as my inspiration for life, friendship and my surrounding community could be just as simple as that or much more complex with real life problems and tragedies. Stories of how to know people, how to approach them or simply how to let go.

Yes, this is a quote out of the movie Shrek released in 2001. The fun loving children's animation film with a strong, solitude-loving green Ogre (Shrek), his side-kick Donkey, and Fiona (the love of his life.)

Ogres are like onions. They have layers.

Physically: Ogres are usually seen as large, cruel monsters and are closely related to trolls. They can swing people through the air. Arrows only just pierces their skins and they brutalize or devour their victims.

But not everything is as simple as that. Shrek himself said so!

Ogres are more complex. They fight because they have to. They are not accepted into the human community (because they were different) thus leading them to be rejected out into the wild. Into a cruel world.One that they had to live in and adapt to.

In my quote Ogres are simply a metaphor for any person who has had a tragedy in their lives and acted upon it.

You know, like the school bully or the lazy cashier. Even the lovely lady who waitresses in a café and smiles at you when she puts down your cup of coffee. They all have lives. There must have been something that happened in it!

The school bully's dad that beats him every night because he is a failure as a son.

The lazy cashier that became pregnant in high school and now has to work this stupid job.

The lovely lady waitress who is already working 3 jobs to pay for her sick mother's medication and might be living on the street by next week.

They are not ogres. Yet they have deep emotional layers.

Their problems are so complex that they need something to cover it up. That mask the bully puts on every day when he goes to school. That is his safe house. That is where he feels comfortable. He hides his problems in different layers of his mind to secure all memories and tragedies so that no one can find all the pieces between the layers and catch him at his most vulnerable.

Some of their problems might seem petty to you. But who are we to say that she/he is NOT going through a bad time.

You also don't have to go through anything so horrible to have emotional scarring.

Anything that has hurt you , no matter how big or small. We usually try to cover up by acting out.

That man that stole your parking place and the finger you almost instinctively raise, it was simply your way of acting out.

Now, I am not saying that it is right to act out, once again it comes down to "whatever suits you the best"

If that is a good way of coping with the problem (instead of getting out of the car and taking a fist to the other drivers head) and it works for you then by all means, but let this be a fair warning: your actions have consequences.

So next time please think. When that school bully punches you or steals your food, take a step back and think before you punch back.( Yes it will feel good to punch him) but it would feel even be better if you just let it go. In most circumstances you will not know how that young boy/girls life is like. Think why.

Why is that person acting out? What has happened in their lives?

Try talking to the person. Find out the deeper meaning to their actions.

You might just find that they are no ogres...

They are human.

This quote has helped me a lot. It helped me to bite my tongue. Especially when I was in primary school. I got picked on a lot because I did well in school work. Maybe the other kids were jealous.
Yes, I got beaten.
Yes, I got swore at.
Yes, I was insulted.
But finally I found the courage to ask one of the bullies why he hit me.
He burst into tears.
Turns out his dad beats him because he was a little obese and that didn't fit into his father's masculine, strong image. I'd never forget that day and what it meant to him. I was somebody who cared enough to listen.
8 Years later and we are still friends.
We go to see each other and it usually ends up with me strumming away on my guitar and him playing the drums.
We all are ogres.
We are all human.
We all have layers.
Even my friend still has layers. But luckily there is nothing hidden between them.

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Jonathan Duh'braukus

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did you rilly write this? rilly?

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You're right =) I often think at the witch of Kirikou. She's nasty because she has a "spine" inside her back and she can't catch it to remove it. When Kirikou reachs to remove it, she becomes a good woman, as she was before. The pain used to consume her goodness.

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way to go, this helped so much. without you, i wouldnt've got the inspiration to have wrote the book Harry Potter greetings, JK Rowling

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Way to go on this essay, heepld a ton.

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