Pupils Forever:

Life as a Never-Ending Lesson

August 10, 2013  |  By Maria Lupu, Romania

Pupils Forever:

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“You don`t need school in order to get a future.”…some say.

After centuries of struggles and efforts made by so many academics and educated men to lead humanity toward cultivation and schooling, we have arrived at this point where studies are no longer viewed as they used to be some time ago. School was considered the only “ladder” which one can use to reach the top of that mighty mountain called Success. Actually, this staircase is outdated, since people discovered the “elevator”; and what is astounding is that this elevator lies within us; is in fact our sense, our capacity to master the spirit and intellect inside us.

Still, it all depends on what we understand by education. We may discuss about the nurturing given by our parents; also, we can talk about the training developed in our school years ; or we can think about self-education. No matter what, all of them were and still are highly important in our journey of enlightenment as human beings.

It is known that family and parents are the first who give us an early perspective on our future and life. They are the ones who place the main “brick of knowledge” in our educational foundation. Beyond any doubt the majority of them consider school and  formal education a “must” ,always advising their children to study and obey their teachers. In spite of general opinion, some of the parents are quite open-minded to say that they don`t want for their kids a narrowed path defined by schooling. Marius Lintis, father of a 10 years old girl, states: “I admit that in infancy, school has its importance, but I will never limit my daughter`s existence forcing her to learn something against her will. In my opinion, she need to be taught how to think, instead of what to think.”

Making reference to studying nowadays, lots of people state that in fact, schooling is a process in which pupils are being indoctrinated, taught a bunch of useless information and eventually “shaped” to fit in our civilized society. Up to a point, Anton Nicolai, a Romanian Language teacher, accepts that “this incessant pouring of information in the students’ brain is the deficiency of the current system and therefore must need a reform. But in order for this change to happen, I think that we should approach this problem in a completely different manner: for instance, teaching should be based mainly on seeking individual progress and development instead of “hunting” high grades.”

As for students themselves, contrary to popular belief, they are surprisingly aware of their future and their points of view are well defined. Irina, a 17 years pupil from Brasov, finds the school undoubtedly significant:” I am convinced that there`s no other way for me to evolve, to grow in an appropriate mode. Besides, during school I have the chance to learn fellowship and solidarity.” On the other hand, Alex, who is Irina`s classmate, is that kind of person who cares nothing apart from enjoying every moment of his life. He comments : ”To my mind, school doesn`t help me so much. I learn more from my experience, as I treat every day of my life as a lesson itself and with every new person meet, I feel that there`s nothing I should regret because it`s impossible to get in touch with people without learning something from them!”

Society demands of us to fit in and not disturb things. And it intends to do this through the teaching given by school. But we forget that in the same way we are born naked, with no garments at all, we also are born without knowledge, without any other understanding than a pure desire to live and breathe. And at this point is revealed the mightiest school we can ever attend: LIFE itlsef. We are the students of life, and every moment we spend on this Earth we are guided by “living” itself. And every mistake we made is not a failed exam, or a low mark, but merely an opportunity to learn more.

Experience itself is a tremendous live library! Each human being represents a book belonging to it; no matter if it is a scientific book, a novel, a textbook, or even a  little story book, we have something to explore and discover from it. You just have to be willing to “read” even a paragraph from each book and stop judging by its cover!

Have you thought what kind of book you are? Whatever your size, your cover or your genre, it is important to realize that you to have something to share, to teach. With each experience, you add a new chapter to your volume. Stop being reluctant and don`t allow dust to disguise your value, because sitting silent on your shelf you will never be capable of becoming a bestseller!

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