Thoughts of Mine:

I Want to Help the World

August 01, 2014  |  By Sage Rishi, United States

Thoughts of Mine:

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Our world is being ripped apart. The people in it are a major contributor. Why are we doing this, how are we doing this and what is making all of this continue? One could argue money or ignorance. Some might say a disconcerned and uncaring majority allow it to happen. Truth is, I really don’t know. Any person I speak with is against the problems facing our world that WE STARTED AND PERPETUATE, yet nothing seems to be getting done. Seems that everyone is all talk and no fight. Why are we not fighting? We need to.

I think people care, we have to, this is our earth, our world. Our parents taught us to clean our room, they can't even keep there’s clean (metaphor for the earth).

When I go to college, I want to study something along the lines of environmental sciences (land based, ocean based, atmospheric based etc.), sociology, psychology, advertising, politics, journalism and possibly anthropology. Maybe more, maybe less.

My end goal here though is to learn how to teach people to stop what we are doing, to act in part, myself as well to end what I am doing to this earth and our world. I don’t know how big or small of a piece I will play in this, but I am going to help.

I think people inside are unhealthy. I think we hurt ourselves, each other, our world and this earth and everything else in it. WE need to stop this problem. The mindset of the people on various subjects and matters has changed dramatically at the hands of psychological operations, advertising, social movements etc. It seems right now this is something else that needs to be changed: our mindset toward how we live and affect this world.

Are we too self centered? Here in the U.S. we live in an environment of instant gratification. Will we buy a product that looks awesome and makes us feel good temporarily, regardless of how it was produced and the consequences of that? Right now… yes we will.

I want to work with this. This change, I want to help facilitate it, to make a difference for the better. Obviously as of now, I am young and ignorant. I don’t know how I will help, what I will do or what angle to approach this from. I don’t know if I will be a leader or a supporter. What I am sure of though is, I will help, I will make a difference, I will love what I do, I will learn, I will not stop.

Just wait.

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