From Communism to Democracy:

How is the Romanian Government Fairing?

October 25, 2013  |  By Alastair Railton, United Kingdom

From Communism to Democracy:

Photo : Romanian Palace of Parliament / Wikicommons

Since the fall of the authoritarian Communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu,Romania has found itself on the rise in the political spectrum. But in reality how much has truly changed? Do the Communist values still remain embedded in the state? If Romania is to change it will require a peaceful revolt from the population to break down the current cycle that has existed over the last twenty years.

As it stands there is evidence that the Communist era still remains strong in the eyes of the majority. During this period, Romania witnessed the destruction of its intellectual population, as well as any political opposition. This led to the population becoming docile, and meant that the workers remained workers and the leaders remained leaders. The effects of this mentality still exist today and have resulted in the children of ex-communist leaders becoming leaders themselves. Entering the government, if an individual has no ties to the political system, is near impossible for the average citizen. The elitist club, that forms the government, prevents any outsiders from entering.

In terms of the voting situation, the government feels like a one-party state, in the sense that government leaders are able to move between parties as they please and results in the same people remaining in power. This surely suggests the possibility that the government remains corrupt and supports the claim that any opposition parties are disregarded.

Despite this the current government received 70% of the population’s votes and is serving the people to the best of its abilities, proving successful in several cases. It has also proved impressive in the openness and fairness it provides. The government chooses, in most cases, to explain everything that they do and why they are doing it. However it has faltered in terms of exploitation of Romanian resources by Canadian multinational corporations. Upon hearing of natural resources beneath the Romanian heartland, the government has permitted the extraction of these resources using the potentially dangerous fracking method. This would result in the destruction of several villages, all in the name of money. Another negative point is the damage caused by the current economic climate has resulted in a 12.7% youth unemployment rate. This has resulted in young people being known as the lost generation who cannot find work anywhere. The government has yet to take any definitive action to reverse this, and thus has disappointed the population.

In order for Romania to improve it must free up the justice system and end the corruption in government. This includes the removal of these so called permanent leaders. A halt on full integration into the European Union would perhaps also be beneficial as the jump to the free market standards of Western Europe could damage the country’s infrastructure. Once these tasks are complete, Romania should hope to see drastic improvements.

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