Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Frail Reality Reflected in a Brittle Glass

August 10, 2013  |  By Maria Lupu, Romania

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

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“Beauty is the wonder of wonders”, said Oscar Wilde. He also was a passionate sustainer of appearance and its worth. We like to think that we don`t judge a book by its cover, that we see beauty beyond skin-deep. Really? This motto sounds more of a New Age movement rather than our natural  pattern of thoughts. Well,Oscar Wilde was daring enough to claim that: ”The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”

You might agree, or you might be in a complete disaccord with these words. But, whatever the side you are on, the matter comes at an undeniable point: valuable or not, the “visibility” is often granted and validated by a single piece of glass, which is the mirror. We come upon looking-glasses at almost every moment of our daily life. We don`t wake up in the morning thorougly when our reflection makes fun of our sleepy face. No matter that they are in the bathroom, lobby or bedroom, mirrors are in each corner of our house. Later, a tiny mirror from our bags ensures that our features are unchanged, that our “flaws” are still there. ”Yeah, that nasty pimple is well concealed under the thick layer of foundation, and yes, unfortunately the size of your nose is the same, but keep wearing  those sunglasses because they suit you.Oh,I forgot ! Your eyes are still hazel,but maybe tomorrow will be sky-blue as you wish.”

It is rooted in our human nature to overlook and treat things from our daily routine as ordinary. But surprisingly, the mirror, even though it appears to be a mere, dull object, is and always will be an important tool. Why is that? Because it is an inherited tendency to seek approval, to want a comfort zone. And what can be more reassuring than knowing for sure that we are beautiful, we are in order and nothing about us may freak someone out. So, we give everyday observance to our mirror like ancients used to do towards gods.

Even though beauty is just an idea, an illusion and the looking glass is a palpable object, they both have something in common: frailty. Just the way a mirror can be shattered and the only proof of its existence are the remaining shards, beauty can be erased from our face as easily as rubber removes pencil marks from a sheet of paper. A mirror gives us the reflection, but to say the truth, what reaches the chamber of our mind is in reality, the perception, the pattern of an image that is as deceiving as its source.

The glass mirrors the “visible”,but after all, what lasts is the “invisible”. So, the question is: true mystery is, or is it not, unveiled by the mirror on the wall?

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