Does humanity still exist?

October 25, 2013  |  By Negla Abdalla, United Kingdom

Does humanity still exist?

Photo : Wikimedia Commons

When did our hearts become so immune to all the injustices happening in the world we live in? Was it when they started becoming so common that we began to view it as normal events? Or was it when the media stopped reporting on it because it wasn't current enough? I personally feel it is primarily because people in today’s world have become too self-cantered and don’t bother sparing time with others.

If we all stopped for a moment to take a look up at the sky and realise that the exact same coating stretches far out containing each living organism within it, we would realise that we are essentially one in the same. We would understand that our concerns should not be limited to ourselves or till the end of our residential community, but should stretch far and wide. Instead, we walk around blindly, eyes set only on our goals and plans.

What happened to your passion - the one that flows out of you when a player from your favourite football team is booked or when children in Syria are gassed to death? Yes, children there are equally important as the child who is smiling at you right this very minute.

The children of Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Afghanistan, (the list is endless), may be labelled children, but what is a child without a childhood? Ask yourselves how long will it be until you forget about Egypt like we forgot about Syria, or Somalia, Iraq or even Libya. Have any of you stopped to ask yourselves how Libya is now after Gaddafi's death?

You don't have to be an Egyptian to raise awareness or be a Syrian to be concerned. You don't have to be Somali to shed tears or Palestinian to relate. You don't have to be Iraqi to feel hurt or Lebanese for it to bother you. All you have to be is human!

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happen to visit this page accidentally.. "All you have to be is human" -- nice touch.. loved it.. in the current world people seems to be running behind something which they are not even aware of.. hope our fellow beings start visioning that soon.. have a good one!!

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