Is Pop Music Destroying our Society?

A young students thoughts on the growing popularity of pop music in Ghana.

August 28, 2013  |  By Florence Anang, Ghana

Is Pop Music Destroying our Society?

Music is literally accepted as a universal language and is seen as a way of communicating events, ideas, facts and perceptions to individuals and society at large. The significant impact music bears on society cannot be underestimated.

People listen to music for several reasons. Some of which include; using music to glorify God, to express their feelings towards others, to communicate with other people, or to simply just relax and enjoy the music.

Music on its own has its benefits which include; making us happy, uniting people and brining peace by using the lyrics as a way of connecting people. Music can also help us feel at ease with other people and it is a good way to start a conversation with someone you have only just met. Music can also be used as a way of spreading political messages and for protests. In Ghana music is very much loved by the majority. It is part of our culture and you will always hear music playing in the streets etc. In Ghana gospel music is very popular as religion is very much a part of our culture.

The youth of Ghana today are now spending a lot of time listening to ‘worldly’ music. This is music such a rap, pop and hip-hop. I believe it has accounted for the intolerable degree of immorality among the youth of today and it promotes profanity rather than sanity. What do we hear in those lyrics? Sex, love, women, gangsters, violence, death and meaningless slang and rhyme. Although I don’t condemn people who listen to or sing this type of music I am concerned about the impact it has on the youth of today, especially here in Ghana. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, music imbeds on our daily life weaving its beauty and emotions through our thoughts, activities and memories. So why don’t we use this same music to preach peace rather than profanity and vulgarism? I do not think or assume that God will be disappointed when we sing worldly music but I believe music should be used more to praise the Lord. The next time you hear music playing in the background there are two assessments you need to make; does the music glorify God and finally what positive impact does it bear on the individual?

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Music is not a tool for you to personify imaginary supermen in the sky. Music is a tool of audible communication and beauty that we all possess and share. My music will never glorify your religion, unless I follow your religion.

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