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Voices Of The World

I am the product of three temporal worlds. I lived in communist Romania until I was 11. I lived in a Romania wriggling and suffering in transition from communism to capitalism. I live in a democratic Romania run by an autocratic political clique who take advantage of a subdued and inert public awareness. I recognize this inertia in myself as well: yes, they are corrupted, yes, they take us for fools, yes, they don't even bother to hide all their nefarious activities anymore. But what can I do? I can't really make a difference, and I can't be asked to try. This attitude is one of an entire generation of young Romanians in their 30's. The unspoken or even unacknowledged truth is that we believe the only personal way out is either by accepting the compromise ("Yes, this mayor steals, but at least he has made some changes" or "This is the way forward: to become like them") or by keeping ourselves ignorant of it. For most Romanians, progress and prosperity are the leftovers from the politicians' and the local baron's pockets. This is what an entire generation has let itself be reduced to aspire to: leftovers.

The good news is I have met young people, teenagers not older than 17 or 18, who at this age know more about their rights and are more aware of their powers than I am at 32. I have met such young people who are not afraid to try and realize their own dreams, who do not think it a waste of time to get involved in social, political or ecological activities, who do not believe it useless to try to make a difference. I have met such young people not only in Romania, but in all the countries I've traveled to, from Ghana to India to Thailand or England, Germany or Greece. They represent a change in global awareness, a subtle modification in the way we perceive reality. They are more involved, they are more a part of the whole than we have been. They are more viscerally aware that hurting one cell of this big organism that is Humanity means hurting the entire body. That destruction of a part of the world no matter how small or powerless is actually self-destruction. And they understand better than us that we are all influenced by one another's actions, ideas and thoughts, no matter how remote spatially and culturally we may be. It is for them that Projects Abroad has created Voices of the World. This project is a mouthpiece, an instrument that these young people can use in order to do what we need them to do. What we want from them is to change us, to make us better, to lead us into accomplishing what we've lost the drive even to desire. It is time for us to kneel and let a new and better generation step on our shoulders and show us the way forward.

So, if you're under 26 years of age, please send us your articles, your opinions, your doubts, desires and ideas, and discuss them here with others like you. Through this website and through our Youth Journalism Clubs wherever we have offices, we will provide support and guidance. Please prove to us that a young American kid can reach consensus in discussing politics with a teenager from the Middle East, that a young Muslim woman can explore religious subtleties with a Christian boy, that peace can begin from two common people finding it impossible to discover real reasons for dissent, that real world change can be brought about by looking at another and seeing oneself in a different form. There can be no better vindication for generations that feel disillusioned and powerless than to notice change germinating under what seem to be the most hopeless conditions. Prove to us that you are the change the world needs, and that what we have thought impossible just comes naturally to you. Be a voice of the new world!

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Mircea Samoila,
Project Adviser