When you look good, you feel good

August 10, 2013  |  By Vanessa Nkala, South Africa


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It was the beautiful tennis player Maria Sharapova who said, ‘When you look good, you feel good. Confidence with what you’re wearing is very important. If you feel good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything.’ Doing so much more than just making you look good, fashion, being a form of art and design, gives way to expression and a certain way of life. 

People have been wearing different forms of fashion ever since man walked on the surface of the earth; and for centuries clothing has been a little bit more than a – shall we say important – necessity, because individuals and societies have used clothing and other body adornments as a form of non-verbal communication. ‘Who would you expect to be the lawyer, a man in a suit and tie or a man in jeans, a t-shirt and Timberland boots?’ asks Maggie Pazian, consultant and trainer on facial expressions and body language, from the online magazine

Pazian also explains that clothing can be a means of ‘self-expression, and people can sense power, wealth, sex appeal, personality, or creativity just by looking at what a person is wearing.’ This is the very reason why many celebrities do their best to dress in the finest clothes or keep up with the latest fashion.  

Celebrity fashion
Fashion has become vital in the lives of many celebrities and of course the best way to advertise fashion trends is to let celebrities model them and parade around like nothing else matters. Celebrities even have fashion lines because they know their devoted fans would want to buy their clothing. The reality is that fashion has a huge impact on our society and plays a big part in our daily lives. So many girls drool over that pretty little dress Selena Gomez wore to this year’s American Teen Choice Awards or dream about owning a pair of killer Jimmy Choos, hoping to gain the same sense of popularity as their favourite celeb.

A universal language
Fashion, like music, is a universal language and many people are drawn to fashionable clothing or to the latest trends. We all have a friend or at least know someone who loves keeping up with the latest fashion and some have admitted that they will do anything to have the latest trend. Can you image, doing anything for fashion? Even if your answer is no, many people find pleasure in dressing up or trying out different styles and regard it as their everyday guilty pleasure.

Fashion is a way of expression; if we all dressed the same no one would get a sense of our uniqueness. ‘The only rule is don’t be boring... Life is too short to blend in.’ – Paris Hilton.



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