21st December: The Final Day?!

August 10, 2013  |  By Mara Lupu, Romania

21st December: The Final Day?!

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If you knew this was your last day on Earth, how would you want to spend it? In recent months, we have heard a great deal about the day of 21 December 2012. According to some interpretations of Mayan texts, this date will mark the end of the world. Well, not much to go if you take these warnings seriously.

Naturally, when a person is put in the situation to consider a possible end, disaster or even death, it will inevitably feel a slight shiver down the spine. And when this fateful event is predicted day by day with such strong certainty, and depictions of the end of the world are booming worldwide level, eventually each of us comes to the point where a possible “end” is no longer so aloof and the root of uneasiness begins to grow in our mind.

But you, who are reading these lines at the moment, how do you feel about the maddening rumours? Do you intend to mock this question and look at it with an unconcerned smile, or reading this has brought out some anxiety? Most probably, the question “what if” must have popped in your mind at some point, and that would have made you to swiftly revise your life till now, and make a plan for a possible last day on Earth.

We each have ingrained deep in our being that instinct which claims the right to life. We are designed to struggle for life, to cling wildly to the thin string of existence. We are survivors, and that we can`t deny. Regardless of any sayings, any ominous “signs” or claims, it`s impossible to bring this matter to the attention of people without triggering that tiny sense of survive, hope. Against all logic and all experience when we are put through such a situation, like children, we never give up hope.

Constantin Noica, a great Romanian priest, once said: “Nobody knows when the end of the world will occur, only God holds this insight. And with respect to Apocalypse, it is a difficult book to grasp or to interpret. There are religious groups which spread so many speculations and try to provoke panic among people. It is my firm belief that the most appropriate way to deal with the rumors and anxiety around us is to have faith in God more than anything.”

Among Romanian youngsters, this matter is viewed with a certain feeling of unease; yet they pursue their everyday life without paying so much attention to the warnings and headlines all over the media. Claudiu, a 17 year old student, believes that “this is just another conspiracy theory. People read into this so called prophecy what they want to believe. Who cares, life is too short to worry about when the world is going to end. For myself, I wait longingly the Christmas and I will not permit this nonsense to ruin the holiday season.”

This might appear to be just a careless statement of a teenager who minds too little if his life is going to finish. However, many adults have the same attitude concerning this question. Moreover, some tend to be rather sarcastic, like Dan Anton, who is a 50 year old teacher: “I really don`t believe in 2012. I believe you have better chances at winning the lottery than this event indeed to occur.”

It is a curious thing: we all know that our time in this world is limited, and that eventually all of us will end up in a grave. And yet it is always a moment of dark surprise when we realize that our life is truly limited. It is surrender to existence. But when a forthcoming end is announced from all quarters, we have to readjust the way we think our life is, and when we analyze the course of our living, some things held secretly in our being come out and make us to wonder: “Who am I to judge the unfold of my life?“

World ends have been predicted for centuries; since you are reading this now, it is obvious they were wrong. It is a fact that all the things are doomed to end, but it is a pity that we lose time seeking answers about the end of the universe. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. ” Life is a song, sing it!”, as Mother Teresa said. It is up to you to decide if you carry on singing, or stop just before the “chorus” to shout about the Apocalypse.

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