Mass-meditating against the corona chaos

Two women from Brasov have gathered almost 300 people in a daily mass reflection to counteract the panic.

March 18, 2020  |  By Sonja Rijkers, Netherlands

Mass-meditating against the corona chaos

It all started on the 9th of March when Cristina Gologan(44) and Estera Osorhan(39), had their morning meditation session together. With the current situation in the world they felt all the heavy fears of the people around them and they wanted to do something about it. That is how they found a new solution: the mass-meditating to push back the negative energy and bring back the good one. 


Good energy, bad energy

The group of now 238 people(and still counting), think that by mass shifting their thinking to a more positive way, instead of fearful, the whole world will shift with them. ,,We can’t receive it if we are in the fearful state.´ sayed Estera, an artist from Brasov specialised in painting and drawing. Cristina, on the other hand, is a former bank employee that is now a stay at home mum. The group´s administrators think that they got this many people together because ,, the people that join us think alike and want to go for the same outcome: good energy for the whole world. It can only be achieved by doing it together, at the same time every day,,.


How does it work

The sessions don't really have any rules except for the fact that you have to do it in a positive way and at 22:00. You can meditate, pray and or visualise, it is your own choice. ´´Everybody's free to do whatever feels right to share love in the world.´ said Estera about how people should do the session. This, in a mass should get the positive shift in motion for the whole world. Just before the session starts one of the administrators sends the group a positive message or picture and the rest of the work is up to the groups imagination. 

This mass-meditation will last 21 days and is based on the practice of Chopra Deepak. Chopra is an Indian writer of books about spirituality and alternative medicine. He started this idea back in 2014. This period of three weeks was made to get people ´´to a meaningful life full of love, success and happiness´´, as is evident from the program on his website: ´Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience, Perfect Health.´


Would thinking positively work against the virus? 

A study conducted in 2014  by professor Suzanne C. Segerstorm and professor Sandra E. Sephton from Kentucky called: Optimistic Expectancies and Cell-Mediated Immunity: The Role of Positive Affect, showed there is a connection between positive thinking and immunity. The research was done with 124 first year Law students, 55% female and 45% male, mostly white with a small representation of other ethnicities. The study results showed  that people who are optimistic have a better immune response. When the same participants were pessimistic their immune response also dropped. 

As there is no evidence that the mass-meditating started in Brasov is effective at a world scale, its safer to consider it more of a way to personally deal with the current situation. Holding onto that last bit of hope and happiness and trying to surround yourself with it as much as you can is  Estera and Cristina's way of coping. ´´It is a way for us and all the people who joined to feel better about the crisis also help others to get to that positive mindset.´´, said the two women.

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