Can I Shoot You?

The Secrets of Photography Revealed

January 15, 2015  |  By Tania Godeanu, Romania

Can I Shoot You?

Photo : Wiki Commons / unuplusunu

"Raise the corners of your mouth! Keep your head held high! Relax, let me see your poise!". These are only a few of the phrases that are going to hit you while strolling through a mundane day in a photographer's studio. How did this "hobby" turn into one of the most wanted jobs? Could it be due to its various connections with almost all other domains in this world? Or maybe the fascination that arouses from being at the border between extreme creativity and exact science? Photography for certain has become more and more popular in the last century as technology conquered new unknown territories, thus nourishing it's development. But what exactly makes you a photographer?

Well, there are quite a few tricks you need to have up your sleeve. Nowadays, having a DSLR is not a buzz,  you take a photo and all of a sudden you call yourself a photographer.  But things are slightly more complex than that. The professionals know it. The enthusiasts know it. An avid young girl, named Andreea Radulescu, who has been familiar with this domain for three years now, has a rather unique perspective. She says : "It's about waiting and being there at the perfect moment. If a photo doesn't leave you breathless than it's useless". And she's right! Don't take my words for granted, take the ones of a pro, Cristian Munteanu's for instance. In a recent event where he eagerly presented his work, he stated that one of his favorite photos was taken in 5 days. That is the secret of street photography. PATIENCE. "There is no luck in street photography!". Why would he say that? Most probably in order to open the eyes of those who think that photography is still a "hobby", you go out, take a picture and that's it. Well, that is not what this spectacular art is truly about. When you are out there on the streets you have to feel the chaos, to seek the beauty in it, to "steal" the moment.   

But is this enough? Not quite. When asked what a photographer needs, Zia Vey gave a rather short but strikingly concise answer : PASSION. For certain, his passion for photography and beards brought him the spotlight in Elite Daily, which proudly declared Romanians: "Kings of beards". Moreover, Claudiu Bekk, a promising young photographer, strongly believes that CREATIVITY, SPONTANEITY and IMAGINATION represent key assets for a professional. He said: "When I pass by a place that I find interesting, ideas just dash in. I start thinking how the set would look, how I could incorporate all the details. When I see people with the potential of a model I wonder what would suit them best, what kind of portrait, set or idea". His perspective regarding this domain is genuine, as his journey started gradually. Receiving a digital camera represented the beginning : "I wanted to capture everything in an artistic way, (...) not just looking through the lenses and pressing a button". Of course, it took time, but his determination grew more and more, until he entered the pro league. Since then, he has found the magic in taking portraits, and has got the ambition to become better.

All in all, it takes more than a fancy camera and loads of nerve to be recalled as a photographer. This domain requires patience and creativity, but mostly passion. Without it, there is no magic, and without magic you cannot achieve the breathtaking shots that awe a nation. When you take a photo a part of yourself reflects in it; so do you have what it takes to "shoot" somebody? 

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