What Comes After Retirement:

Teaching Passion with Passion

January 15, 2015  |  By Ana-Maria Bancila, Romania

What Comes After Retirement:

You see gymnasts on TV or Internet and you watch them with admiration. Your heart almost stops for a moment when you see them do the most incredible things with their bodies and in what seems the easest way possible. Well, I was lucky enough to meet a gymnast who was also my dance teacher. Her name is Coman Rozalia and she now is 56.

I always appreciated my teacher, and always considered her as a second mother, so for me it was very emotional to interview her and listen to the kind words she had to say about us, her students. She started to tell me how difficult it was for her at first due to the fact that she didn't have financial support from her parents. They only took her to the first lesson of gymnastics, a lesson that remained alive in her mind until now. ' was so full of energy that when I arrived in the room I immediately started jumping on the mattresses', she said. That was the first moment when she fell in love with the sport. As soon as she started speaking I saw how her eyes started to tremble and I had to find all my force to not start crying myself. She moved on to the time she was an adolescent, how she never felt that she had a social life or even friends. All her time was spent on practicing and becoming better and better. She started to laugh when she told me about her private life: 'At the age that all my friend started to date and hang out with boys I was the only one that had a date with my gymnast classes'. Only at twenty-five she met the love of her life and married him, still her husband now.

I asked her why she didn't pursue a carrier in gymnastics. With a sad voice she opened her heart and told me that she had a knee injuring due to a bad landing at a contest and from there on the doctor told her that she can no longer pursue a carrier as a gymnast. That was all she told me, and never said another word about that till the end.

Then I asked her how she feels about leaving her job and the advantages or disadvantages of this. 'You know you are all my kids, even if now most of you are married with children, you will still remain the most beautiful thing that has happened to me', she said. Note: we were at a time 40 girls from the age of six to twenty-two. 'When I decided to leave it was the hardest decision in my life but I am thankful that I have my grandchild who never leaves me take a breath, almoust like you all were', she said to me with a big smile on her face.

Then we just remembered all the trips and jokes that we did, drinking a cup of tea and eating the most incredible 'cremsnit' cake. All I have to say about this incredible woman is that she dedicated her entire life to us, teaching us all that she could and never giving up on us.

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