Ghana's Talented Kids

Showcasing Young Talent

August 29, 2013  |  By Ayisha Ismila, Ghana And Barbara Amoh, Ghana

Ghana's Talented Kids

Photo : Kirsty Telfer

Talented Kids is a television show in Ghana for children aged 7 to 12. It is for children who can sing, dance or play music very well.

This year, some of the students from my hometown of Senya Beraku were involved. They are called Ebenezer and Prince. This year was an exciting one. I liked it very much. This year the judges had to select 24 kids out of 100 for the finals. We were all very excited when the kids from Senya were picked to be part of the final group.

Some of the kids sing, dance, recite poems, rap and the play the drums or other instruments. There are judges who select the kids they want to go to the final. This year the kids and groups in the final were called Dennis, Ameena, Gabriel, Isaac, T Revenge, S.Boys, Tutuapato and Roses of Sharon who were the boys from Senya. They sang and played the piano and drums. Dennis sang, Ameena sang and played the guitar, Isaac, despite being blind, played the drums, Gabriel did acrobats and T Revenge rapped.

Sadly Roses of Sharon didn’t win. They were fourth behind Gabriel, S.Boys and the winner Tutuapato. He is only 8 years old so it is very good for him. This year Talented Kids was very interesting.

Barbara Amoh


On Sunday 19th May 2013, T.V.3 chose the winner of Talented Kids. On that Sunday the program was filmed at the National Theatre in Accra.

It was a special day for me because there were boys from my hometown of Senya Beraku among the finalists. These boys are very talented because they can sing and drum at the same time as playing the organ. They are called Ebenezer and Prince and they call themselves Roses of Sharon.

On the final Sunday every contestant and their families and coaches went to the National Theatre. Every contestant did their best and everyone wanted to be first. The contestants were: Roses of Sharon, S Boys, Ameena, Dennis, Isaac, T Revenge, Tutuapato and Gabriel. After they had all finished performing the judges chose the winner.

The first position was given to Tutuapato because he did so very well. The rap song that his rapped to was his own and as he is only 8 it was amazing. The second position was given to S Boys. The third price was given to Gabriel and the fourth to Roses of Sharon. When it was announced everyone in Senya was very happy and it was a good day.

Ayisha Ismila

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