Battlefield Of Emotion And Rhyme:

Rapping To The Beat Of The Heart

April 18, 2014  |  By Maria Lupu, Romania

Battlefield Of Emotion And Rhyme:

Put your hand on your heart. Can you feel that? Your heart should be beating in sets of two: one off, one on, dee-dum! Why I said “should”? Your heart knows better! It is because when you are madly in love, or when you are enraged,or whatever excitement you experience, your heart forgets about this simple rhythm. Then your heartbeat is like a wild West-African tempo. In that moment your heart is an intrinsic DJ that gives life to music; it is the primordial composer of life. But the heart is also the lyrist that gives names to feelings, that elevates our emotions by the power of of poetry.

And when  to poetry is added knowledge and sagacity, then hip-hop is born. Hip-hop arose as a custodian of enlightment. The “hip” part means “to open one's eyes and see". The word “hop” signifies “movement”. Thus,hip-hop means “intelligent movement”. Hip-hop contains four elements: DJing, MCing, break dancing, graffiti art, and and extra fifth one: knowledge. When hip-hop was born, rappers used to boast about how clever they were. Dropping knowledge while simultaneously talking about what life was like. But the point is: what does life look like today?

With the answers to this question deals our artist, Tony. He is an MC or a “mike chanter” who raps to the beat spontaneously. He founded the magic of “groovy beats” at age 14, when he listened to his cousin rapping along with a cassette player. Since that day, he couldn`t cease to sing his heart. ”My music is mainly about how I loved, how I love and how I regard the feminine side.”, said Tony.

What our MC brings to hip-hop is tonicity. A tonicity imbibed with metaphors and phrases with implicit meaning. He calls himself a “dealer of rhymes” because like a narcotics dealer he surreptitiously drops culture and knowledge in one`s mind. Feelings and emotions are sneaked lightly into one`s being. He creates his “underworld” in which he is the Godfather of  rhymes. He has more rhymes than a serious bank. Through his music, Tony “bosses” minds and hearts alike. He slaughters the untruth, the falsehood and kills hypocrisy and ignorance. His words are bullets that pierce the mask of society and give new insights into love, civility, manhood, culture and life. ”What I think I bring new is the way I perceive things: I like to talk about girls, about emotions. And for this my only means is respect. Respect is everything! I don`t drink alcohool, I don`t smoke weed and I don`t need to use swear words to win the heart of my female fans”, he confesses.

When it was born, hip-hop used to be a way of living life, a funky way to communicate through colorful messages. A freestyle in which inhibitions were gone and love for life was put on the repeat. But soon an underground phenomenon changed the hip-hop world and this is Battle rap. It is a contest in which two or more rappers compete or battle each other using improvised lyrics. Each competitor's goal is to “hit” their opponent with insults and put-downs as to arouse the public. With the name stage of  Tony Wy Not, our artist takes part in such battles too. ”To me, hip-hop degraded. I don`t agree with this type of rapping, because these “jousts” focus on the lack of respect. However I`m often involved in these battles because I want to show that it can be otherwise. I always do it in my way. I merely go there and sing of good. I want to offer to my audience what is within me: respect, love and poetry.”

Before performing on stage, Tony is stormed by a rush of emotions that makes his state of mind very uneasy. But instead of hiding behind a “tough face”, he  makes a deal with his  nervousness. ”I just take my emotions aside and I havea talk  with “them”. I say :”Let`s make a deal: we work together and do our best on that stage”, Tony described smilingly.

The fountain of encouragement are his friends: “Before one of these Battles I received a message from my friend Laila that inspired me greatly, She said: <<If love is your intention, if you look through the eyes of compassion, I think you`ll transmit beyond words. The public will sing and laugh with their hearts. Let them win this liberty>> What Laila told me that day enlivened me”, said Tony. But what is all this liberty Tony`s friend was talking about? It is the wild need to throw the hands high in the air. It is the freedom to feel the highs and lows when “the beat starts gettin' into your toes”. The most tonic message that our artist conveys by his rapping is “Do what you feel!”.

Tony is the living proof that behind a pair of sagging pants can be a person with more intelligence and depth than many smartly clothed men. His T-shirt harbors a heart that knows when is time to let the pain soak through, and when is the moment to stand tall against hurdles or injustices. His sorrow makes poetry, his happiness rocks the beats and his wits sell philosophy in “takeaway” rhymes.

Life is like a Shakespearean sonnet: a narrative poem in which the  “rhyme scheme” stands completely in our hands to write it. Till now, Tony has “written” 27 four-line stanzas and his “sonnet” is yet to end. The meter for his “sonnet” is dictated by his heartbeat and his music. How about your own “sonnet”? What does your own heart tell you about the “meter” you should use in your life?

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