Gabriela Bejan:

Hope for Romania's Future Music

October 28, 2014  |  By Manuela Vitelaru, Romania

Gabriela Bejan:

I found myself sitting close to the stage of the Council Square in Brasov, impatiently waiting for a live concert to start. In only five minutes, one of the most beautiful souls and friends I know, Gabriela Bejan, was about to transfigure herself into something different from what I was used to: a proffesional singer, instrumentally accompanied by her band mates, in front of some hundreds of people. Maybe the intensity reached in that moment could not be measured, but the spectators' hearts certainly felt the power in her live singing and how she poured her heart and soul into it.

If there is something you should pursue, this is definitely your dream. Deep inside of you, an anchor is waiting to be lifted up and thrown again even further. It may not seem easy at first, but when I think of Gabriela's actual vocal development, I feel a light of hope. Every little effort is important, each brick you put daily in your wall will build it even higher and higher. For instance, this 17 year old girl has been singing for 10 years. She also told me that 'there's a lot of work, but if you are really passionate, the effort won't be felt as a real effort. It's hard because the music industry is dirty and full of not so good people who seem to want nothing else but to methaphorically eat one another'.

Asked what it feels like to be on stage, she simply responded that it is amazing due to the great response of the listeners which makes her offer the public even more, and her songs to be even more powerful. I knew perfectly well what kind of person Gabriela is, but her sincere answers related to the connexion between the singer and public could touch any stone heart: 'My purpose (in a possible singer career) is to make people feel happy when they listen to my music, to bring joy in their hearts. I don't need to be recognized on the street. No, that is not why I am doing this.'

Moreover, she added that she wants to do what she loves the most, even if it means to stay here, in Romania, or to leave and follow her career abroad. Regarding her favourite music genres, I have found out that she is in the blues-jazz and classic rock zones, admiring and being inspired by a multitude of artists which include Freddie Mercury, Beyonce and others. She does not like the comercial music nowadays in Romania, admitting: 'I don't want to sing what popular Romanian singers interpret at the moment.'

Therefore, could she be considered a model of dedication in modern society? I strongly believe that Gabriela Bejan, as many other young talented Romanian singers, has a great chance to be successful due to her ambition and determination. She chose not to be another brick in the wall, but in a class of her own.

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