Which Side of the Pillow?!

October 10, 2013  |  By Emilia-Cristina Tiganescu, Romania

Which Side of the Pillow?!

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Friendly and puffy, pillows succeed daily in making our lives more beautiful. Everyday after finishing work or school, millions of people around the world throw themselves in their beloved beds full of awaiting pillows. Just half an hour spent on these, and one should have really boasted one’s energy. Even if they may seem to be really common objects, and we take them for granted, they hold the secret to getting fully relaxed. They come in various shapes and colors, always ready to offer us their best comfort. But does make a pillow more special than other usual objects?

Well, there are many people out there who keep pillows as a souvenir from their childhood. For exemple, children have now teddy bears to sleep with, while the older generations had, and may still have, a quite different partner of dreams: a little colorful pillow. I am one of these people holding every night, since a really young age, a cushion in my arms. From my point of view, you can get really attached to such an object. It will always have some sort of sentimental value due to the fact that it can remind you of the playful days of childhood. Also, some agree with me: „I can’t sleep without a lovely comfortable pillow!” or „In my arms or under my head, there must be something to confort me at night.”

Moreover, the secret „under the pillow” space represents the best hiding place for someone’s diary or personal notes. You may have observed also that characters in books or in movies tend quite often to offer their pillow a great deal of thrust. So, pillows can hold many secrets, misteries they might have collected from their owner’s head or pages.       

Apart from these advantages though, many people believe that pillows aren’t really necessary in one’s life. They claim that the rest they obtain after a “pillow-less” sleep is better, either for their health or for their mood. “I can easily sleep without a pillow. I don’t think it offers that much comfort. Maybe that depends on the material or on the filling”, some say. Well, at this point, the “pillow” industry interferes. Throughout the past few years, the Internet proves that, around the world, a change has occurred in the field of pillows and cushions. Feathers, synthetic plastic fibers, latex or down seem all to be materials used in the confection of these comfy things. But, after having added thousands of patterns, colors and combinations, pillows are nowadays re-invented. There are now on sale pillows for pregnant women, pillows for travelers or even electrical ones.

Maybe in a few years, there will be a special factory, designed to create for each one of us, the perfect pillow. That would be revolutionary!

In conclusion, if you choose to own a pillow, the soft object following you every night in your dreams shouldn’t be considered just a simple way of comfort but also a potential secret keeper.

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