Fun Raising Funds

Volunteers Raise the Roof at Charity Event in Brasov

August 10, 2013  |  By Maisie Stedman, United Kingdom

Fun Raising Funds

The room was filled with an excited atmosphere: chatter and singing filled the air. For all the girls present in the room, the previous two months had been leading up to the following day. Today was their final day of rehearsal before their show.

This summer in Brasov, Romania, a special performance took place. A charity show was held in July to raise money for foster homes in the city. These homes need money to buy simple necessities such as cleaning products and printers.

The show was filled with a range of different acts; drama monologues and short plays, contemporary dance, tap dance, salsa, singing… even a short musical! The display of different talent was impressive and a pleasure to watch.

Grease, brought together dancing, singing and acting in a superb finale to the show. Speaking to the girls after their final rehearsal, I knew that whilst they were excited to perform, they were sad and disappointed that the experience was coming to an end.

A group of young Romanian girls had been working with Projects Abroad’s drama volunteers to create a collection of excerpts from the musical, Grease. It was a real challenge for both the directors and the actors – they didn’t realise quite how hard it would be - but they learnt a lot, and gained confidence throughout the experience.

“I’ve never directed before so it was a new experience for me. I learnt so much and I feel as if I’ve made five fantastic friends in the girls,” Brooke Murray, co-director of the performance told me.

After hearing how nervous the girls were about their final performance of Grease in the charity show, it was inspiring to watch it come together on stage.

Alexandra Ichim, who helped co-ordinate much of the show - and took part with a stunning salsa dance- was delighted to tell me they’d raised 1,300 lei (£270): “We weren’t expecting to raise so much, it was a real shock!”

After all the hard work that was put into the charity show, it is fantastic to hear that so much money was raised for a worthwhile cause.

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