To vlog or not to vlog

April 27, 2015  |  By Rares Barbu, Romania


These days, young adults are striving to get to be known and heard by as many people as possible. Lucky for them, there has been a new trend on the Internet in recent years: expressing yourself through videos, usually known as „vlogs” on one of the most popular platforms out there - YouTube. Pursuing a career based on one’s passions might be one of the hardest, one that I guess not all of us can accomplish.

I personally wanted to make myself known through YouTube, but I gave up eventually. Nevertheless, there are still young people that are determined to achieve fame or personal satisfaction using „vlogs”.

My close friend Dragos Culcear is „an ignorant bastard who sometimes makes decent jokes and is a good listener”, as he describes himself. Because he is in the „bussines” longer than I am, I have decided to interview him to find out more about this passion.

Why are you creating content on the internet?

Frankly, for my personal satisfaction. I enjoy creating videoclips which I can watch anytime, show them to my friends and being able to say that I am their creator.

How was this passion born?

I think that it was born out of the need to be heard and in some measure, by wanting to be popular.

Do you think that you can make money to sustain yourself from YouTube?

No, or not in our country at least. On the other hand, in the USA, the UK or France, this is an achievable thing. 

What are the challenges that can stop you from creating videos in the future?

Lack of time I presume. This is the universal reason you give up on some hobbies.

What are the benefits of creating video content?

You can enjoy some kind of notoriety, you can start your own communities and you can win some fans. 

What does YouTube mean to you?

For me, YouTube is like a talent show: there aren’t any restrictions, anybody can join and you have an audience that is more or less interested or contented by your “number”. 

How or from where do you get ideas for your videos?

Usually this is a time consuming process, it doesn’t come suddenly, but over some days. My ideas usually pop into my head in some unexpected moments: when I eat, when I’m walking on the street or when I’m doing my Romanian homework.

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