Three, two, one, you're IN!

The Trail Blazer to a Successful Career

September 24, 2014  |  By Anca Coman, Romania

Three, two, one, you're IN!

Photo : Anca Coman

I found myself in the front of a huge building. I climbed the stairs and I stood staring at the manager's office, not knowing how I was going to start my speech. This is my summer story, don't change the channel!

Let me give you an introduction: until the nineth grade,15 years old, I didn't give a thought to how my professional life would look like. I pictured myself in numerous poses, in a flight attendant's shoes or maybe a travel agent sounded catchy, but none of the above appeared to fit my personality. I wanted to become a football player, but let's be honest, how many football women do you know by name?

Somehow, I knew that I had to stay in an area where I could find my own person and my desire to get people well-informed. Journalism! This is the key word I was looking for. I didn't have to bother with other job opportunities, I just knew that I wanted to be that girl on TV who delivers relevant information to people and who updates the latest news.

And now let's turn back to that manager's office that was totally making me nervous. After I walked in and I presented my desire to be a part of the staff of the local TV company that he was coordinating, I had the opportunity to be an editor for a whole month this summer.

Even though I worked part-time and four hours per day represented just a small part of what the media industry means, I like to imagine that this major start has contributed highly to my future career. I visited and worked in multiple departments, starting with the newsroom and ending with a brand new entity for me, the studio. My schedule included field work and interviewing people, writing the news in the editorial and recording voice.

After an entire month of working as an editor, I found that every single part in the media process does matter a lot! When it comes to field work, you have to be very careful and precise when searching for for information. As far as writing news is concerned, skipping relevant details and filling in other information is not allowed, this is the golden rule! Recording voice gives you the chance to turn into another person, the tone of your voice is different, and you indeed seem different.

This is how my work took shape. However, I was glad to be announced that my news were meant to appear at the Evening News Report and so far, this is my biggest professional realisation. I felt that I belonged to this industry which is not only about economic and politic importance, but arguably one of the key social and cultural forces in our society. Between some interviews and writing the news, I snuck in the studio and recorded the evening news just to see how I felt in front of the cameras and how it is to be in a news presenter's shoes.

I firmly believe this was the best part. Why? Because I could express my own emotions and alow myself to imagine that a whole nation is listening to me and I don't have the right to dissapoint them. Am I scared of making mistakes? Who isn't? A journalist has to fix all the mistakes and move on, no matter what stands in the middle of their road. 

Besides contributing to the local community, there are real strong connections between the media colleagues. You have to be aware of the importance of teamwork and of the programme that has to be divided in order to satisfy everyone. It is hard work, but joyful and full of pride at the same time.

I will always look back at this memorable month that was the beginning of a completely new period. Step by step, my work has to increase and my dream can come true by making the first step: being admitted at a UK university with a media or journalism profile. I hope someday I will write an article on this website my first experience at the BBC or SkySports, but for now I have accomplished one of my biggest wishes: *meanwhile in the studio* I heard this: Ready? You're in. Shoot!

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A. Hoskins

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Thanks for sharing; glad your passion finally came to fruition! It's awesome to read success stories like this. Good luck in your broadcast career.

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