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April 27, 2015  |  By Mihai Sorea, Romania


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It’s not a secret anymore that the term ‘freedom’ has changed meaning. Back in the day, freedom was considered rare. To be free, morally and physically, was a method of personal assertion. Nowadays, being free in the eyes of society is basically being stupid. It may sound harsh, but drinking alcohol, doing drugs, taking decisions without thinking is not smart, but is just what characterizes the “YOLO” generation.

Now, what does this have to do with drugs, you may ask. The answer is simple -Freedom. You can’t be free in a society where drugs, depravation, stupidity are accepted, and more than that, are a trend. How can you consider yourself free when you are not accepted? In conclusion, we do things that we do not like only to be accepted, to be free.

Sticking to drugs. When we are young, we define people by their actions and behavior. And it’s a fact that any one of us said at least once in our lives: ”I will not be like them”. Well, the sad thing here is that in most cases we become what we fear the most. This is the drug case as well. We have seen those “junkies” since we were little. We fear them. We despise them. But when we grow up, we want to be part of society, and society means to “be cool”, and let’s face it, you can’t be cool without doing drugs, or drinking,or even without being pregnant at 15.

No newspaper, no TV show, no magazine is facing the truth. We are hiding behind the finger, because we don’t like to admit that this is our generation. No parent will ever say “my son is a drug addict” or “my daughter is hussy”. We want this psychological comfort of being accepted, and for that nobody is there to stop us, to educate us properly. 

Growing up, I have met a lot of people who unfortunately are now drug addicts. It is very strange to know someone since they were little, to go to their house and eat cookies with milk, and some years later, to see them with a syringe in their veins. But it is true. There are more teenagers who are doing drugs regularly, or at least tried have tried them once than teenagers who don’t. I asked one of my friends, whose name will be anonymous, what determined him to start doing drugs. When I asked him why he started doing drug, he replied: “You already know the answer, man. You know my family. School problems, family problems. I wanted an escape. Now I want an escape from drugs too, but it’s hard.”

I think this is the reason for many others. Society creates this “criteria” of a modern teen that when you cannot reach so, depression and anxiety start to pop out. And looking for a solution, unfortunately very often they find it in drugs.

There is a second scenario for what causes teens to start doing drugs. I asked a lot of people, clean or not, and I found out what I already suspected. “It’s cool, man, everybody is doing it”. And that is why curiosity killed the cat. But in this case it’s killing people. We are all tempted to do illegal things, and because it is technically our choice, ,we start doing it. Once. And then more, and more. And then society criticize these people, isolates them, and the consequences of that are pretty obvious. More drugs, a stronger desire to escape.

We all know those things. We all know people like that. We do nothing. But there is one thing that is damn true: We will pay for our indiference. We will pay for creating this “trend”. Because we can’t blame others. We are society. We are defining what is good and what is bad and we seem to be making more and more bad choices.


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