August 10, 2013  |  By Deborah Mensah, Ghana


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Sanitation is very important in our environment and community. Sanitation is the act of keeping our schools, churches, homes, compounds and our living environments clean and tidy. Sanitation is a good thing because if we keep ourselves and our environment clean, it helps keep us free from diseases such a malaria, cholera and typhoid.

Things that contribute negatively to sanitation are: dirty gutters and toilets, rubbish all over the place, people doing the toilet in the street and not covering it and plastic waste left lying around.

As for the dirty gutter it is when rubbish or oil waste from factories and industries are poured into the gutter. This contributes to a by way of bad sanitation. It makes things dirty and smelly and easily causes bacteria to breed and so disease to spread.

Uncovered toilet is when a person goes to the toilet and may forget to cover it. Flies are then attracted to it and then there is a chance they may contaminate the food that is being sold on the streets. There is a saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

If there is no good sanitation many people may be affected by the following. They may contact diseases such as skin rashes, water borne diseases such as cholera. Bad sanitation can also lead to serious diseases such as malaria and chronic diarrhoea. These can result in death in extreme cases.

However, bad sanitation can be prevented by the following: not throwing rubbish around, not leaving your toilet open or uncovered, sweeping the compound when dirty and by bathing regularly.

In a nutshell, if we have good sanitation we will live happily and healthy. It will prevent us from dying from diseases caused by dirt and slow down the spread of malaria. Good sanitation is essential for everyone and will help us live a better life.

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