Caning in Schools


August 10, 2013  |  By Precious Baoba, Ghana And Betty Williams, Ghana And Gloria Sackey, Ghana And Anita Ofori, Ghana

Caning in Schools

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Gloria Sackey

When we were in the classroom yesterday our English master, Mr Marty, came in and started to write the lesson the chalkboard. His back was too us. I was sitting in the middle of the row at the front of the class. When he was writing, we started to copy the lesson notes into our notebooks. One of the girls sitting behind me in the same row called on me and asked if she could borrow a pen. When our master heard the talking he turned around and asked me to stand up and tell him why I was talking during his lesson. I told him it wasn’t me and gave him the name of the girl. He did not accept what I had said, and even my friends who told him I had been quiet. He told me he had indeed heard me and not anyone else.

He gave me 4 sharp lashes with a cane on my back before he started the class. It seemed to me that my master had a grudge against me before he even came into the classroom as all my class mates said it wasn’t me who had spoken but he refused to listen. I think he punished me too severely. I don’t think the cane is a good form of punishment as it is used too much and even at times when you do nothing wrong.

Betty Williams

Caning in schools should be banned because it is dangerous. It makes the student afraid to come to school if they are late, even if this is because they had to go to work in the house and markets before coming to school. It makes them especially afraid if the teacher is holding the cane and asking what they learnt yesterday. Sometimes students are afraid to talk in class because of the cane and the fear of getting the answer wrong. This makes it difficult to learn sometimes.

I think the teachers should punish us instead of using the cane. They could make us weed or sweep the classroom. But some of the students are so stubborn they need the cane. It is written in the Bible that if a child does something and it is not good, then we should cane them. If you don’t you will spoil the child.

Precious Baoba

I like caning in schools because it can change the child’s character or behaviour if the child is disobedient or does not obey. And without the cane how can she stop? I think that habitual late comers must be canned because they don’t like coming to school early. If the teacher says come to school at 6am some students don’t wake up until 6am and then they have to sweep, wash the plates and dishes, have a bath, help in the house and other things before coming to school. This means that by the time they come to school it’s around 8am and the student is very late. They must be caned for being disobedient. This means that next time she will make sure she comes to school early so that she won’t be caned by the teachers. This helps the student know she has done the right thing and will force her to be serious in her studies.

If the child is caned when she does something wrong she will remember not to do it again and will do her assignments on time. And sometimes someone will steal a friend’s money or pencil. If this student is not caned she will always do it as there is no punishment. I think it is fitting to cane when you disrespect or insult your elders. This is why I think canning is good.

Anita Ofori

What is caning? It is the act of hitting a child with a cane as a punishment. Caning in schools is not good because if a teacher is caning a student it can hurt the person. So caning in schools should be banned. There are many punishments that can be given to a student instead of caning.

If teachers continue to cane there is no benefit. All the child feels after being hit with the cane is pain on their bodies or on their hands and back. Caning can also be dangerous. If a teacher hits a child they could hit the eyes and this could result in the child having to go to hospital. If the student is discharged after a few weeks and ends up with an eye problem, who is at fault? The teacher or the student? I believe it is the teacher because there are other forms of punishment.

Students can sweep, weed or have to miss break. If a teacher really hurts a student they could also face problems such as being asked to leave the school and could end up banned from teaching.

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Avril McIvor

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A man who constantly beat his wife with a stick was asked why he did this. He replied when I was a child if I was not obedient at school my teacher hit me until i did what i was told.. when I was at home my father beat me with a broom because I did not do what he said so I learned very quickly that if I want my wife to obey me I must hit her with a stick.. So the cane you use today might be the tool that is used against your daughter tomorrow.

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