The Virtual Armageddon:

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January 16, 2015  |  By Mihai Sorea, Romania

The Virtual Armageddon:

Photo : Boxing on Wii - Wiki Commons / David Murphy

The gaming industry is as old as any of us can remember. The first platforms occurred on the market in the 70's. The arcade games, created in this period, represented a new form of entertainment. Because of the unexpected success of virtual games, more and more corporations tried to improve the initial product, and the result was the forge of an economical colossus, the birth of a new market.

Today, the old concept of gaming changed, but not in a good manner. The idea of gaming started from an amusement method, but not that accessible. The idea of rarity made them even more special. The new millennium brought us not only a more approachable industry but a massive change in the concept of virtual gaming.

Like with any other business, gaming developers tried to adapt their products for their public, and more than that, to adapt it to the newest fashionable events. Given that in our modern society there are too many negative examples and unpleasant events, their influence in games are affecting the audience. Sadly for us, the majority of this audience is mainly made up of children and teens; the most easily influenced category. In nowadays games, violence is a common feature, and we are speaking about all kinds of violence (verbal, physical, sexual, emotional,etc.). By the time a child is eighteen years old, he or she will witness on television, with average viewing time, 200.000 acts of violence, including 40.000 murders and scientists predict even more in video games.

As a dedicated gamer, I had various experiences among different types of people. I never knew for real what anger meant until I played my first video game. They can cause a burst of anger for many reasons, and can create frustration even thinking about it. I consider gaming can become an addiction, as dangerous as any other addiction. We live in a world seized by technology. Everything is related to some gadgets, and the result is obvious and the consequences are permanent. But given that technology evolved so much lately, the reactions to video gaming addiction is different, depending on the generation. That does not mean it is less dangerous. Anyway, referring only to the younger generation, the problem is getting worse and worse. They are caged from a fragile age in a computerized world. The real problem is that they are loosing their forming period, the period when they are taught important values, the period when they are supposed to experience and discover the world. Being trapped this way forms another type of children, antithetical to what they used to be. As a result of this modified behavior, temper is loosing ground to anger.

I have a relative who works in the game production industry, and also he was a dedicated player of online RPG-s (Role Playing Games). I thought that from a former player and a person who is in field, I may find out more about the strange behavior games are generating. As I expected, he confirmed me what I already knew, what scientist found out some time ago, and what from my personal experience I have experienced already. There is no official treatment, there are just some programs that are trying to help those who suffer from anger management because of video games.

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