Scouts in the Winter

April 27, 2015  |  By Ioana Ceh, Romania

Scouts in the Winter

Photo : Ioana Ceh

Being a scout means being creative, free, in connection with nature, true to yourself and those around you. It means being the best you you can be! I am lucky enough to be a scout and have the opportunity to participate in a wonderful winter school. It was not a typical school because it was organized by scouts, of course.  So let’s see how it looked like.

There were five days of non-formal learning right at the end of our winter recently. My friend Ovi and I went to the train station to pick up the participants. The little commune Cristian became happier when they got off the tired train. They filled the streets with songs and joy. This was the accommodation day, when they prepared their nests and arranged the luggage in an old amazing saxon building which is the biggest in Europe that has no props to sustain its arch. 

The third of February was very exciting. The older scouts went to a magical place in the forest where they learned bushcraft abilities like how to light up a fire using different methods. The younger ones had a treasure hunt and a team building game. After these adventures they returned into the main camp area where they enjoyed their free time playing around and socializing.

Next day the whole camp woke up early in the morning and prepared for going into a hike from Cristian to Poiana Cristian and back.  The trip started well but it was a long journey and some of the scouts couldn’t make it till the end so we split into two groups. The one’s that stopped and went back home and the rest that dragged their feet and crossed the finish line with proud hearts and tired bodies.

The following day was named “Cetatea Brasov city of a legend” and the participants spent it by making an enormous treasure hunt in Brasov discovering information about different sights and then creating a legend with them. It was an opportunity to get to know a new city because the participants were form Constanta.  

And the last day was dedicated to a big board game. To win the game they had to resolve a lot of challenges like crossbow shooting, resolving logic problems, finding hidden objects, singing and more. It was a joyful day for all of us.

To convince you that this school was as wonderful as I am describing it, I asked some of the participants (Andra Furnicuta, Marian Gabriel, Mihai Tocitu and others) what was the most awesome moment in this school and what was the least pleasant one. The answers will speak for themselves.

“The least pleasant moment in the camp was our last meal in Cristian, because we knew that after that we would leave. “

“I really enjoyed the last night because I had a lot of fun and I laughed a lot”

Although it was a camp where children had a lot of fun they also learnt a lot of things in a practical way. This school provided knowledge not only for the participants but for the organizers too. It was my first camp where I was a staff member and I surely did a lot of mistakes but they say that a mistake won’t remain a mistake if you learn something from it.

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