Martisor :

Romania's Special Way of Celebrating Spring

August 10, 2013  |  By Camen Bianca, Romania

Martisor :

If you had the curiosity to leaf through the calendar of a Romanian, the 1st of March would surely come into your notice. The date would be marked by "Martisor", which is an old celebration that solemnizes the coming of the spring and the continuity of life.

Giving the 'Martisor' is a way for Romanians to express their elation at the advent of the season of freshness and revival. The custom is that men will offer women a red and white string tied to a small decoration, which is called "Martisor" ('Little March' in direct translation). They wear it attached to their clothes for the first few days of the month or until they see the first blossomed tree.

It is believed that the "Martisor" brings good luck and that the one who wears it will be strong and healthy the entire year. Also, it is considered a symbol of friendship or love, appreciation and respect.

The celebration and the atmosphere it gives is very dear to Romanians and it also makes them very proud. Cristina Negrea says "I consider the 1st of March a very special date. It doesn't only symbolize the coming of spring, but also another reason to be full of joy, to smile and to wear the <> as a sign of appreciation."

Denisa Leaua thinks that "the <> is a symbol that will never go out of fashion because it's part of the people who offer it or wear it. Also, it is beautiful to receive it because it comes with the respect and the appreciation of those who give it". She adds: "I am proud that in our country this tradition is still maintained and I consider that it will never be lost because we, Romanians, love both to give and receive."

The celebration of the "Martisor" is unique and it's meant to make our souls one with spring. It's an optimistic and jovial start that should carry over the entire season. Have a lovely spring and don't forget to wear your "Martisor"!

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