Teenage Years:

Party On?

February 19, 2015  |  By Ioana Sdraila, Romania

Teenage Years:

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The definition of sociability, when it comes to the teens’ opinion, has changed radically over the last few years. Thus, there seems to be an increasing number of teenagers that replace hanging out with wild parties. However, being gregarious should not imply the parties are full of alcohol and drugs, but a combination of socializing and having fun.

To begin with, teenage years are a challenging period of our lives, when things are unceasingly changing and characters are being shaped. Teens are exposed to numerous influences, and some of them might be beneficial while others might be dangerous. The role of peer pressure and the role of media are of utmost importance, and parents cannot anymore control decision-making. So, are the youngsters striking a balance or do they usually follow the wrong path?

In order to find an answer to this question, I have interviewed two teenagers close in age.

When I asked Sanziana, who is 18, often she goes to parties and what kind of parties she attends, she said: “Well, I would say that I enjoy going to parties, especially those that have latin music, once or twice a week. Nevertheless, I don't mind attending social parties or birthdays”. Despite the fact that she loves to party, she is not the partyholic type of person as she thinks that being sociable is not at all connected to being clubbable: “In my opinion, being a sociable person is based on one's ability to talk freely, to make new friends and to adapt to every environment. Whilst being a partyholic only means a huge desire to party all the time.”. Sanziana also admitted that she once regretted not having gone to a party: “If I remember well, it was during the summer, an enormous outdoor party, with people from all over the country. As my friends who attended it have the gift of adding every detail, they made me regret I couldn’t make it.”

The second interviewee, Ioana, aged 19, was asked the same questions as Sanziana. She replied that: “I don't usually go to parties if their purpose is not someone's birthday. But when I do attend a party I like it to be funny and entertaining.”

Both of the girls agreed that the consumption of alcohol represents a huge problem at parties. Sanziana stated: “If somebody drinks with measure and with responsibility, I think it would be ok, just to loosen up a bit but most of the youngsters drink as much as they can”, while Ioana added: ”I tend to believe that the alcohol at parties is for unconscious people who have nothing better to do than to destroy their health and also their character”.

After all, it turned out that being gregarious is not synonym with being partyholic. What is truly important is that teenagers should be able to make a clear distinction between good and bad and they should definitely lead a balanced social life. 

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