I have a healthy lifestyle, what's your superpower?

More than just an 'urban myth', a personal dream-catcher

April 27, 2015  |  By Tania Godeanu, Romania

I have a healthy lifestyle, what's your superpower?

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"Healthy" is the new buzz word. Since the monopoly of the multinational food chains started to draw quite some attention, the idea of a healthy lifestyle has turned into a trend. An extremely popular one actually. The witty ones took advantage as soon as they saw the opportunities this new concept brought: workout programs were created and trainers stepped out from the shadowy corners of sweaty gyms. The entire "health" industry had a boost. And what a boost that was. But how about the new generation? The food industry got to the teens first, but can a workout be as appealing as a new hamburger?

Growing up with junk food is not an easy task. It's overwhelming. The taste is incredible; it makes you constantly yearn more and more. It's cheap and cool to spend your afternoon in a crowded place, filled with the incredible french-fries "breeze" next to your buddies. But people started to exaggerate, and the consequences are more than harsh: obesity, addiction, and noisy children unhappy with the traditional dishes (to name just a few). It's not the perfect picture for the future. And here the "healthy lifestyle" has made its debut. It represents something fresh, something a lot cooler, due to its popularity among successful people. One of the strategies of this young industry is to connect healthy living with the image of someone who has an accomplished, to-die-for life. Brilliant, if I may say. Models, business people, actors and so on are promoting this new trend on a daily basis, by posting pictures of their meals or making short videos of their favorite workouts. And who doesn't want that hot six pack?

There are multiple perspectives on this subject. One of them comes from Maria, who has a rather powerful opinion. She believes it is a "must in today's' society, due to the continuous decrease of foods' quality". Another aspect that she points out is the lack of involvement from the "upper-hand" of society; this leads us "to provide a healthy living for ourselves in order to have a chance to survive". Surprisingly (or not), she's your "average" teenager, ready to enter the land of adulthood. Manuela has also a saying in this. "The concept of having a healthy lifestyle has become extremely powerful! People realized how important it is to live healthy, so they made it a lifestyle. But as always, there is the tendency to turn something positive into something negative. A healthy nutrition should consist of a balance between mind, soul and body, not into an exaggeration of the body’s imagine, wasted time and money". Her point is more than obvious. Still, there is a great number of teenagers who would rather go to a fast-food and ignore the label that screams "Don't eat me!" And because it is their choice, it’s totally fine.

The age where one would just be a couch potato is reaching its end; being active and eating clean is the new THING. Don't get me wrong, fast-foods are still big, but not a priority anymore. Socializing was the second most important characteristic (after food, of course), dining with your family or friends on a shoe-string budget sounded like a fairytale. Nowadays, you won't find the next future president on a queue to get a vanilla milkshake with a double cheeseburger and a big serving of french-fries. Most likely he will be in a restaurant or bistro, ordering a meal that is composed of aliments that had seen the sun-light while still alive, and which will give him the energy to finish his full-of-accomplishments day. And one of those accomplishments is his workout. He doesn't need to go to an expensive gym; he can open his YouTube and let the magic begin. Alternatives are countless, and creativity is more than welcome in this field. Still enjoying your hamburger?

At the end of the day, man was created to have an unbreakable connection with the nature, to take his resources from the wealthy variety of its goodies. That is what a healthy lifestyle is: taking notes from mom nature, being active, using the precious fuel to reach the highest peaks of our dreams. And this is why teenagers embraced it so quickly. It gives them more than hope; it gives them the certainty of a bright future. How, you may wonder?  By pushing them constantly to break their own limits until they become invincible. Sounds like fantasy? Why don't YOU try it? Is it easier to be the robot of the food chain label, or do you want to play in a higher league? Take a look at the ones who made the change, and then take a look in the mirror. Can you become better? Absolutely. Will you do something about it? That is an answer only you have. 

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