Floods Wreak Havoc in Southern Romania

Join the 'Ajuta si tu!' Campaign

August 20, 2014  |  By Yiwen, Wu, China

Floods Wreak Havoc in Southern Romania

Photo : Wiki Commons / Cristian Chirita

The flood caused by torrential rains has made serious damage to the villages in Southern Romania. According to the local authorities, one was killed and other four were missing during this unusual floods, which might be among the biggest one in the past two hundred years. The Vaideeni Commune, in the county of Valcea, is supposed to be one of the worst-hit area, as the collapsed housed and flood debris can be seen everywhere in that area. As the government may allocate funds to rebuilt the flood defense works, Ionut Bogdan, Victor Ursache and their team of Young People from Prejmer want to help the village by individual fund-raising.

Both of these young men live in Prejmer, a settlement in the county of Brasov; Ionut (26) is a marketing manager and Victor(24) is a student. They saw the news on TV last Wednesday, and quickly decided to make some adds like sending products to one of the stricken areas; So, they thought of starting the campaign %u2018Ajuta si tu'. The process included the following steps: designing and printing flyers, sharing it to the community of Prejmer, calling all their friends and relations they had inside the village, creating an event on facebook and share it with all their social media friends. About 2000 people were invited to their facebook event and 100 families from Prejmer received flyers. Half of these families and one-third of the readers actually brought products for the affected families in Vaideeni. What may be special to this campaign is that they didn't turn this action into a political one, for they can thus involve more people. They simply made it from the heart and for the beauty of helping their peers.

Although the time for them to conduct the fund-raising was quite short, it was still a successful one. They collected 480 km of food products, 500 l of water, blankets, house wear items, toys, clothes, shoes, sweets for children. They also received money with which they bought flour. The bakery APAFI in Prejmer helped them by baking 60 homemade breads. They also received help from
Popas Caprioara, who gave the organizing team sandwiches and water during the collecting
campaign and also for the trip they took with the products; they also gave them the
transportation car to take all the products to the flooded area in Vaideeni. Another important
partner of this campaign was the Town Hall of Prejmer, which supported their action positively with all the necessary aspects and also encouraged their activity gratefully. The action was also supported by the Printing Press Orientul Latin, which printed all the flyers and posters of the campaign.

Everyone involved in this campaign was happy to be able to help, for they have had 17 people in their team. Although the campaign was started and coordinated by the two, Ionut and Victor,
others were involved and took over the responsibilities when necessary: Catalin Popa, Rafael
Apafi, Lucian Leca. One of them, Catalin Popa, who is also a local advisor on Youth and Culture, declared: %u2018It was the most interesting and vivid campaign I ever took part in. The members of Prejmer Town Hall are very happy to see the young people of the community having such a great initiative and properly running the campaign from the beginning to the end' 

Three days after the beginning of the campaign, after sorting out the products and loading them in the van, Ionut, Victor and Catalin were ready to depart straight towards Vaideeni. %u2018Possibilities exist that there will be a second campaign, depending on the real situation we find in the village', stated in a very loud voice both Victor and Ionut. Young, enthusiastic, and grateful for their genuine intention and love for people, they started their journey to Vaideeni, with a small curiosity of what they might find there and how they would react to the real situation.

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