Lights Out

How Power Shedding in Ghana is affecting the daily life of one young student and her community.

August 10, 2013  |  By Ewurama Dfosutlemaa, Ghana

Lights Out

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Electricity is one of the major important facilities in the modern world and something that is relied on a daily basis. Senya Beraku is a bustling town along the coast of the Central Region of Ghana. The town is suffering from frequent power outage due to the power shedding which is currently happening in Ghana. There is no problem without a cause, a solution or an effect. Some of the causes of power outage in Senya Beraku are a direct result of a shortage of electrical poles and an inadequate supply of power meters in various houses. Even where there are electrical poles, they are either broken, not fixed in the ground properly or there are no wires on it to connect them correctly. Also, recently some electrical meters that had been supplied to various homes were not given the maximum power to start working.

In a week there are at least 5 power outages which have a great effect on everyone. It makes it difficult to read, study, cook and clean our houses/compounds. The government has yet to explain the power shedding or say how long it will last. The situation in Senya Beraku is affecting the whole community and people are becoming angry.

There are many effects of this outage in Senya Beraku, for example, damage to electrical appliances, businesses and low income to the workers who need electricity to conduct their work, i.e. corn millers, café’s, water and drink sellers. There are some workers who cannot work at all without electrical power and this greatly affects their families as they have no income for food and school fees etc.

Most of the homes in the town use electrical appliances such as television, refrigerators, radio, fans and electric bulbs which often end up damaged when the power keeps going on and off.

The ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) needs to come and fix the electrical poles which have not been fixed properly into the ground. They need to be connected to enable them to work well. The ECG should give the maximum usage to meters which have been supplied to homes. The people of Senya Beraku are suffering because of such frequent power outage and many are struggling. The ECG needs to do something about the situation as soon as possible to enable people to live comfortably.

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I am African American and I visit Ghana often... I love the country but the lights out situation is crazy. I can never understand how the electric companies can even think the people can live and conduct business with the lights going out every few minutes and staying off for hours, sometimes even all night. I can't even invite many of my friends who would like to also come visit the country because the lights out situation is just to embarrassing. Hope this changes soon so I can actually enjoy the country when I visit February.

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To me Ghana has turned into another thing now the light just comes and goes everytime Nigeria has started boasting of a full week light and Ghana cannot.I tink the salary of the workers are too much that's why they are very lazy these am very angry at the eccg fuck them

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