Do you like your school uniform?

Giving Up School Gear for Charity

February 19, 2015  |  By Ioana Andreea Ceh, Romania

Do you like your school uniform?

Photo : Dog at the shelter / Ioana Ceh

As a student of Colegiul National Andrei Saguna I have to wear my uniform every day without exceptions. To be honest, I sometimes hate it with a fiery passion! My classmates and I decided to create a project in which you could come one day per semester without your uniform, wearing instead a costume based on a random theme, chosen by us. If you want to participate in this big “carnival” you have to donate at least 3 lei for a cause, again chosen by us.

The project was successful. We managed to make an entire school dress in traditional costumes and also to raise enough money to help “Centrul de Educatie Incluziva” from Brasov and some disadvantaged children from Ghimbav. This year we wanted to do a good deed for animals too.

We thought that it would be a good idea to dress again in traditional costumes. It had a great impact on students and teachers as well. It made us very happy to know we will have the chance to help some poor animals. We discussed with the manager of the dogs’ shelter from Stupini and found out that there are about four hundred lonely dogs that they take care of. We also discovered that they cooperate with Germany and England and try to send some dogs there too. It is very sad to know that even though the staff at the shelter offer to vaccinate and sterilize our dogs for free, no one bothers to do that. As a result we have a city full of abandoned puppies.

We went with enthusiasm to see how the shelter looks like and of course we asked with what we could help.  We agreed with the manager to buy food and when we have free time, to go there and walk the dogs. We walked by through rows and rows of cages with dogs in them. After 30 minutes we started tearing. Later on, I asked my colleague who came with this brilliant idea, Diana Nohit, some questions about this experience:

How did you come up with this idea, to give money to a dog shelter? 

I thought that not only people deserve a chance at life. Animals are souls too, who feel as much or even more the suffering, diseases and lack of love than people. So I decided it would be a nice gesture on our part to think about those who cannot speak, cannot make up placards and strikes and give them what they need.

How did it make you feel visiting the shelter?

What I felt ...I felt pity…I thought about my dog at home who cheers up every time I come home, regardless of how much time I was gone, one hour or five minutes. I realize that they don’t have someone to cheer up for apart from some strangers or the caregivers when they come to feed them. They don’t have the necessary time to give those dogs tenderness because they have to take care of their other needs. I was very touched to actually see how they were begging for attention and love. Some of them were so sad…you could see the sadness in their eyes. I was marked by what I could see there. I think that all of us deserve love regardless of what we are, humans or animals.

Will you keep in touch with this shelter and volunteer for them?

From now on I will start to volunteer. Frankly I was reluctant to go to the shelter because I knew that it would affect me very much emotionally. And it did, but from now on I will try to go as often as possible, to walk them, to play with them, maybe I will bring my dog to play with them too. Those people really need volunteers to help them out. I appreciate them for not killing the dogs as in Codlea, but they seek shelter for them abroad. We should think that without this association 1000 dogs would have been free on the streets of Brasov and multiply constantly.

This experience touched most of us.  It is impossible to see those poor creatures and not feel something strong about it. Personally, besides that pity and sadness for the dog I felt a strong anger directed to those people that dare to leave a dog alone on the streets. I cannot comprehend how people can do that, but I am maybe a naïve person because there are lots of worse wrongs in this world. I am writing this article with the hope that people will find out about this shelter and maybe help them out. 

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