The Story of a Dream Follower:

From the Bank to the Catwalk

April 18, 2014  |  By Alexandra-Mirela Banica, Romania

The Story of a Dream Follower:

Have you ever been told: “ You can’t do that! ” or “ That’s not for you!”? Have you ever been laughed at for wanting to achieve a dream that’s in the opposite direction than what you would normally want or do?  No matter what your answer is, YOU CAN achieve everything you’ve ever wanted if you really believe in yourself and want to pursue your dreams and goals.

As an  example of a person that wanted to turn to the opposite direction, we have Alexandra D., from Brasov, a woman who not so long ago was studying Finance and Banking, got tired of the office routine and now is following her dream  and passion of becoming a fashion designer.

As a child, she used to get fabric and make dresses for her dolls and pets and prepare them for every kind of activities. She then went to university and ended up working for a bank. Because of her wish to never get bored and to discover something new everyday and her always-present contagious smile, she thought to herself: “Do I want to end up a 70-year old stuck in a routine of going from a desk to a copy machine and then back?”. Of course, her natural answer was: “No! I want to be able to do what I like, meet new people, discover things and smile!”. And she did so! She joined the Popular Arts School in Brasov, where she is taking fashion design courses. She is now her own boss, she creates clothes and does what she likes: playing with fabric and colors, creating clothes that fit any kind of personality, observing behaviours and how personality, tradition or personal values become reflected in the way people dress.

Alexandra likes talking to people and she is inspired by them and she likes to pay attention to every single detail in one’s body-language and needs so that she can realize the perfect fit between the piece of clothing and the person wearing it. She often goes for walks, sits on a bench and enjoys the strangers passing by and tries to make connections between what they wear and what they could feel.

The pleasure she takes in every little thing she does is visible in every second because Alexandra’s face is like a warm invitation to take a chair and feel like home while she is gladly answering any kind of question you might have. She befriends easily and she is the type of person that you have a lot of things in common with. For Alexandra, her job doesn’t feel like an actual job because, as we all know, if you choose to do something that you like, you will never feel like working.

Her work is inspired from different cultures and it combines elements from haute-couture and traditional clothing from around the world. She does everything based on her intuition and the personality of the person standing in front of her. Alexandra doesn’t like to go into the spotlight, but of course she would like to show her creations on the famous catwalks for Milan or Paris.

She likes to see the look on one’s face when she tries on one of her creations and see how they feel in it and how the colors fit: “For every person there has to be something that fits their needs and bodies”, she thinks.

Alexandra combines passion with utility and now she is happy. Even so, the fashion industry in unpredictable and you can never know what is going to happen. But even knowing that, no matter what she will have her family supporting her and with a little bit of determination she will be able to do everything on her own, just the way she wants. She is a good example of a person that had the courage to face up her fears and take a turn at being happy.

This is Alexandra’s story, but in this world there are a million other people who have had the courage to follow their dreams, so why couldn’t you? Why can’t you advance in life by following your dream? Don’t ever forget that you deserve to be happy and enjoy life, because YOU CAN!

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