Romanians' Thirst to Study Abroad And Pursue Excellence:

Application for a Dream

November 13, 2013  |  By Maria Lupu, Romania

Romanians' Thirst to Study Abroad And Pursue Excellence:

Photo : Balliol College Oxford / Wiki Commons - Peter Trimming

University. Perhaps this word doesn`t say too much to you, but for the majority of youngsters, it is a need-to-turn-the-page factor. Like in a catching leading of a story, going to college is for the best part of young people the trigger that makes them long with anticipation to see how their own “plot” will unfold. After all, the “preface” is done and the first chapter of their adulthood is about to begin.

For many Romanian youngsters, this first chapter is about finding true success and validation, most of the time these things taking the form of a goal, a dream. A goal that once accomplished will fulfill them as human beings, lift them up and their family as well. However, more and more students believe that the golden key with which they`ll open the door of success is to be found in a foreign country rather than in Romania.

Still, for this purpose to be eventually accomplished, it`s might be necessary for the decision to be made early, even from the very start of high school, as the process required for studying abroad consists of many steps that must be taken carefully. Family support is a vital factor in this procedure, researching the conditions to study abroad, choosing the country and the university, preparing the university folder are the main “secrets” that students must unveil in this “treasure hunt” which is the challenging aim of studying abroad. Reka Rakosi, a Romanian girl who has gained this treasure and is currently studying at a university in UK states: “I made this decision when I was 12.I know that it may seem too early to take such a decision, but ever since I was a toddler I knew I wanted to study abroad, and particularly to study drama.”

“Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG!”

For the students who succeed in pursuing their dream and they get admitted at the university they want, the gate of life is ready to open itself. This is their moment, and they own it! Here are these Romanian young pupils: with their dreams neatly folded in their luggage, with an enthusiasm and passion for living greater than the ocean itself, they attack this new beginning with determination and zeal. Diana Maria Patru is a student who had always wanted to become a doctor, more specifically an anthropologist. ”Anthropology was not as popular in universities from Romania as it was abroad, so I decided to go and study it in the place where Anthropology came into being: United Kingdom. Moreover, I have that perennial desire of seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing new things, which I think is a vital characteristic you need to have as a future anthropologist. So, I decided that I will build my career in UK. From here starts my adventure”, said Diana.

There is hunger in each of them. Not a hunger for food, but for adventure, a desire to explore what the world has to show them. Making use of their skills at the fullest potential, most of them excel and represent Romania overseas with flying colours. Moreover, their exploits and achievements all over the world make universities abroad to actually want to find new ways of attracting more students from Romania.

Such an experience is certainly a tough one, a bumpy track with ups and downs, with challenges and opportunities as well, but nothing can stand in the way of the perseverance and scorching thirst for triumph. “I can’t say I struggled with very big obstacles. The UK is slightly different than the rest of Europe, they follow their own rules and you have to adapt. So I did that. It was not such a problem, though. At the beginning I had some problems with scheduling my time. I was alone here in a country where I’ve never been before, where things function on different coordinates. I had to do everything by myself, cooking and other things which back at home were always done by my mother. “My job” was not only to study, I also had to be my mother and my father, to take care of myself in every detail”, Diana added.

Reka is just one of the many pupils who had the only required “mustard seed” of faith to succeed and who now is watching her life blooming slowly: ”From this experience I`ve got the most important lessons of my life. I`ve gained the confidence I`ve never thought I could get, and I`m assured that I can accomplish whatever I want due to the support and liberty I`m given here. Unlike Romania, here are fewer prejudices and way more resources.”

An inevitable outcome of studying miles away from home is the transformation, the change that occurs from all points of view. Nothing is the same after an experience like that. “I changed, but I hope that I only changed in a better person. I feel more confident, I am more flexible when it comes to other people’s wishes and choices, I learnt to understand people better, I am more tolerant with others. I learnt things about other cultures because I have colleagues from so many different countries. I feel that this university experience is my first anthropological study. I empirically study people and I learn a lot from that. I see this journey as something my life claims for my initiation into a pure and tough world”, stated Diana.

You will hear from many successful people that the quickest and the most slippery way to mediocrity is to be realistic, to be reasonable. In these days, maybe this will sound pretty childish, but it`s incredible how the youth from Romania dare to dream BIG. No matter the dificulties, they go the distance, hoping and focusing only on continuing their adventure without a second thought. They award their own vision a scholarship. The more potent the belief they lay on their talents and their calling is, the highest they soar.

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