The Story Teller of Voslobeni Village

An Interview with Corneliu Tepelus

September 03, 2015  |  By Nicole Keeton, United Kingdom

The Story Teller of Voslobeni Village

When you first meet Corneliu Tepelus, you will immediately feel his passion and enthusiasm because it shines off of him like nuclear radiation.

Corneliu was born and raised in the village of Voslobeni, Harghita County, and therefore is very popular with the other villagers who make such a strong community of people.

Childhood in Voslobeni village sounds like the perfect way to grow up and learn life's lessons. Describing it as “idyllic” Corneliu boasts about the “magic” of his village: 'We lived in a kind of legend place so people were really good storytellers and they came from another age. It was like going back in time with myths and legends and stories of the war'.

Some of the storytelling qualities of the village must have transferred to Corneliu as he is so animated when he tells you the tales of the village and the history that comes with it. After living all across the globe it was surprising that Corneliu decided to return to Romania and not stay in Western countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom. Apparently, he had never planned to stay in those countries forever and after the struggle to obtain visas for a permanent stay, his return to Romania seemed like the only answer.

'I was never obsessed with staying forever especially in Canada or the United States, although sometimes I feel like maybe staying there would have been better', he says. His main focus in life now is to learn how to make a difference by becoming a better person. He wants to work on becoming a more generous and kind person. Corneliu describes himself as dreamy, being an idealist and a romantic. Which are good qualities to have, however, he feels like sometimes being this type of person in a world that has lost its soul is sometimes a negative thing.

He feels that often being a person who is generous and kind and opens their heart to everybody can allow others to interpret this as weakness. This has been a large struggle for him: 'My biggest struggle in life is people. I never understood the fine line between opening your heart and not opening your heart'.

Corneliu aims to get back into performing arts, he wants to express his feelings in a creative way. He plans to focus on all of his adventures around the world.

He finds that watching a group work together to achieve an amazing goal is something that makes him very happy and therefore he feels he can do this through film and hopefully in some ways better himself and achieve his own goal: 'I want to remember them all [adventures] in a wise way. That’s why I try to find out a lot about myself and a lot about other people to find out why I did the things I did'.

Overall, Corneliu Tepelus is an inspiring, imaginative and animated character to be around. He always has something to say and can make even the most downtrodden person feel just a little bit happier. If this is the kind of person that Voslobeni village of Harghita County produces, then it should be a very proud community.

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