An Artistic Apogee

November 13, 2013  |  By Andreea-Ioana Vihristencu, Romania


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When you are passionate about something, you are strongly willing to give up on everything you possess, to walk on rain and wind in order to follow your lifetime dream. Unfortunately, we seem to be living in times where artistic life is considered a waste of time, the true act of creation is seen as a complete lack of inspiration and masterpieces are misunderstood and misjudged. Even in such a bitter modern world, there are people that find the Beautiful in the Grotesque and Maria B%u0103cil%u0103 is one of them.  

“For many people, photography is not conceived as an art in the true meaning of the word. They think that it is a very easy job to press a tiny button. I sincerely wonder what they can do with a camera”, Maria told me. Wise words from a teenager artist. Maria is really into photography, a passion that started when she was in the fifth grade. “I started with a compact Canon digital camera. I was the only one. Seriously back then, I did not have any idea of what a photo really means, what it should express or how I can highlight its story, because every photograph has its unique storyline… I only took pictures of everything I saw from everywhere I went.”

Talking with her, I saw in her eyes that intense radiance which only means that she is madly, absolutely, completely in love with what she does. “I only felt like becoming a professional photographer was the natural next step after I bought my new camera and went to several workshops where I met people that basically changed my whole perspective and vision. I remember I once met a man at a workshop and he told me <<Twelve photographs per year are a good harvest!>> I have to tell you that this guy is a genius! He also told me that between a picture and a photograph there is a great difference. << Photographs are something personal, your concept that you want to share with the whole world. In that photograph it is the true you>>”, she continued.

Isn’t it a little bit moving? I do not know about you but having this chat with her made me think a little deeper. Is it worth follow your artistic calling or not? In this case, this girl just found herself and right now she is trying to illuminate others in order to appreciate art. “I am really frustrated when I see youngsters that are not interested at all in readying a book or watching a good movie. You can reach easily to a well-founded knowledge but you have to desire for it. I am trying to express everything through my photographs. I want to show that life without artistic creation is like a complete nebula, because human mind needs to be surrounded by beautiful, pure things and that is what art truly provides”, Maria said.  

Maria is a visual artist. She needs forms, colors, texture, some good inspirational vibes and of course a camera and she can create anything. I asked her what the difference is between a drawing or painting and a photograph. “Photography is the hardest way to express your inner version of events. In drawing, you can create everything: you can add, remove, change, re-shape, but things are not that pink when you take a photo. I could stay in sun, rain, snow, wind, extreme weather in order to get the best shot. Everything is given to you: the elements, the light, the space, what you only have to do is to find that perfect moment to take that right shot. For me, photography is the ability to connect the elements from the outside with light and my own idea. In those hard moments, the wind of creation really comes: it is when you feel your brain suffering from so many ideas or so little”, Maria explained.  

It is obvious that for Maria photography is actually her life. Her soul needs it like her lungs need the fresh air. With her famished desire to create, this teenage girl changed my mind about many things and made me pop ponder this question in my mind: “If you love it why would you let it go?” What would you do now? Would you go and read that book you have always wanted to or would you draw that painting you have always had in mind? Find time for art and for your artistic skills, because right now we need beauty and naturalness in our hearts and mind.

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