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October 10, 2013  |  By Courtney May, South Africa


Photo : Katherine Evans/Sxc.hu

After being sexually and physically abused by her own father, 17-year-old *Anni Samson turned to drugs and alcohol. She tells us the story of how her own mother refused to believe the accusations she made about the man who was supposed to love and protect her. Annie had no choice but to lay a criminal charge against her abuser, but sadly this lead to further abuse. This is what she had to say:

Why would your father abuse you?
‘I was 13 when I started to develop and mature, he [her father] tried sexually abusing me. I went to tell my mother about it, but she would hear nothing. I then went to the police station to open up a case, which caused my father to lose his job and then he started physically abusing me.’

How did you react to your father abusing you?
When I was 13, I started drinking heavily and smoked weed every day. I used whatever drugs I had just to get out of the pain, so I didn’t have to think about everything. When the school found out, they let my parents know – my dad beat me up to punish me. The only way to break out was to sleep over at my friend’s house. The more I stayed, the more afraid I started to get because I knew I would get beaten up for running away without my parents’ permission. After that, I started sleeping in the city, in car parks, doorways, anything just as long as I wouldn’t go back to the Samson’s residence.’

How did it affect your schoolwork?
‘I hated school very much, but it was better than going home to a mother that wouldn’t listen to me and a father would bruise and bashed me up.’

How did you get out of this?
I went to a use support service and I became an orphan. New parents adopted me. After I had finished school for the second time, I left the house and went work and live on my own. I couldn’t stop thinking about the abuse and pain my father put my through but I went on with my life. I at least got a job at Centrelink and they helped me where they can, with money or accommodation.’

Annie is not the only victim of abuse – it’s time we fight back.

*Annie Samson is a fictional name.



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