Bike Recollections:

A Ride to Remember

January 08, 2015  |  By Siva Rama Krishnan Sridharan, India

Bike Recollections:

Photo : Wiki Commons / McKay Savage

Branded cars have taken over the markets, luxuries are made to move. Power steering, wireless players, and automatic gears add to the convenience.

Gone are those days when the most exiting vehicle for every child was the bicycle. Learning to ride a bicycle was the dream of every young teenager. I remember my schooldays, especially Saturdays; we started by 7 in the morning, checked the air level in the tires, kicked the bike off the stand and started rolling. Empty roads in the morning, hens and goats crossing our roads, bats and stumps behind the seat, we rode side by side discussing the strategy for the day. As we go by, we see people starting their day, with the radios in their hands close to ears, listening keenly. Beautiful blossomed flowers decorating either sides of the road. Chirping birds, green parrots adore the beautiful blue sky, when we finally reach the ground, aesthetically located between the orchids, where we play cricket till 10. By the time the day becomes hot, we go back discussing the game riding our bull.

Filling air for a wheel was 50 paise and repairing a puncture 10 times that. In fact, we would wow at the technique he used to find the puncture and fix it. Fixing a broken chain by ourselves was an achievement.

Even during weekdays, the bike had taken me through tough roads, hot weather, and rainy water. A friend's cycle bell was the alarm to indicate his arrival, and the second bell, to warn it's already late. During the evenings, we all enjoyed a walk pushing our bikes alongside us. We chatted about the happenings of the day, movies, games, crush, and what not! The bike was playing a duel role: of an F1 race car in the morning, and a pet to walk with in the evening. In those days we had time to socialize, never searched for a gym to exercise and enjoyed time much better.

It's all not about being simple, it's just about remembering that happiness does lie in the little things. And my bicycle has given me its best to remember for a lifetime.

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