Interviewing the Hated

A Lesson about Hate

January 20, 2015  |  By Oana Mustea, Romania

Interviewing the Hated

Photo : Wiki Commons / Charles Le Brun

Hate? We all know that feeling, we all were in a situation when describing what we felt meant using the word "hate". We hated our parents when they didn't let us go out one night, we hated our teachers and sometimes, even God. We felt disarmed and the fire inside started to burn, the urge to hit something came. But do we really know what hatred is? I thought I did.
O chose to interview Matias, who doesn’t want to give out his true name, because he is the one of the people I thought I hated. I thought he had made me feel the what real hatred means. He is in the 12th grade at a good highschool in Brasov, he plays football and makes a living out of it, at 18.

Hello Matias, how are you?
Fine, like always.

I wanted to talk to you about your talent; how is your career in football?
Greater than ever, I got in a second league team at a very young age, thanks to hard work.

Everybody works hard, but out of all of them, you succeeded, how was that?
I always kept my mouth shut, all I did in training was work. I know there are thousands of kids out there that maybe deserve this more than I do, or maybe need it more, but will you refuse a glass of water because somebody at that point, in the whole world, might be thirsty?

Did anybody try to stop you at any point? You seem pretty determined.
There were a lot of people, life is a non-stop competition, but you don't let every loss or obstacle stop you.

How did these losses / obstacles make you feel?
At first there was an anger that was hard to understand, but it was only what I thought in that moment, a feeling of hate. But you know what, I’ve realized you can't hate; it is impossible for a human being to hate.

How can you say this?
I know it is hard for you to to understand, but even when you think you "hate" somebody, you can find something good in that person. And at that point, all this overwhelming feeling gets dissolved. Even you said before that I am determinate. So by this your feeling of hatred towards me is destroyed.

So that's how I understood that hatred isn't such a powerful feeling as I thought and that I don’t even know the real meaning of this word ‘hate’, which we tend to use in anger. Before you jump to conclusions, think about something, put yourself in a situation when you need to think at the problem differently, and maybe the person you thought you hated is the person that will show you this doesn’t actually exist. So think again, do you really hate or are you really hated?

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