Reckless Drivers Threaten the Safety of Ghana's Roads

A 12 year old student gives her opinion.

August 29, 2013  |  By Ayisha Ismila, Ghana

Reckless Drivers Threaten the Safety of Ghana's Roads

A road accident is an accident that occurs by the road side. Accidents can be caused by overloading, bad driving, pedestrians or animals such as goats on the road or poor roads that have lots of pot holes. The National Road Safety Commission says that 4 people die every day in Ghana due to road traffic accidents and the government loses 230 million dollars (USA) a year because of road traffic accidents.

If we are driving we shouldn’t be drunk or carry heavy loads on the car. We also have to try and avoid reckless drivers and if we are walking on the road we have to look both left and right and be really careful.

In the developing world, over loading, reckless drivers, bad roads and severe weather conditions can result in high accident rates. Other causes of road accidents include drunk drivers; a growing problem in Ghana. We have to go for training before we drive and there is a need to educate the population on the dangers of reckless driving and the burden it brings on our society. Drivers need to be educated and regularly reeducated on traffic regulations.

But the loudest call goes to the government to make the roads a safe place for us to travel. We must make drivers aware that they must not answer a call when driving. This can cause them to lose concentration and accidents can happen. Drivers must take care when driving and also passengers must not shout to the driver to go faster. Police need to stop collecting bribes from drivers. If drivers must take a call during driving then they should use an ear pin. It is also important that drivers pay their taxes. This helps generate money for road tax and for helping improve the roads in Ghana.

I would urge all drivers to take breaks when they get tired and to not carry a heavy load on their car. Ghana needs all of her citizens alive and not to get killed by a road traffic accident that could have been avoided.

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