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Voices Of The World Voices Of The World Voices Of The World Voices Of The World Voices Of The World Voices Of The World

Voices of the World is an online global initiative developed by Projects Abroad, the leading global organiser of overseas volunteer work placements. It is a platform (in the shape of an online newspaper and magazine) for young people all over the world to freely express their opinions, desires and aspirations while exploring the vast and fascinating domain of journalism. Through the website, young aspiring journalists from Mongolia or Romania, South Africa, England, France or Senegal (to name only a very few) will have the opportunity to meet and exchange views with one another and in this way to come to understand the world and to express their views on it better and with more empathy.

While we would love to freely publish your views and opinions, please note that freedom without rules is like a car without brakes. We do expect you to follow journalism ethics in your articles, by being objective and balanced in always providing both sides of any story or view, especially if it deals with a controversial topic. We do intend our initiative to be a constructive instrument for dialogue and mutual understanding, not a libertine expression of bias, condescension and prejudice. As such, please avoid expressing views that support any form of segregation or discrimination based on gender, religion or race.

Following on  from the paragraph above, the project also has a distinct educational dimension, as it contains a section of 'Hints and Tips'. Here, aspiring journalists will find easy-to-understand guides on journalism, creative writing, video, photography etc. We are planning to attract established journalists from all over the world to contribute to this section.


In the countries where we have Media placements, we have created free-of-charge Journalism Clubs for young locals interested in contributing to Voices of the World and in getting a portfolio of published articles. Under the supervision of a member of staff with experience in media, the club members paricipate in workshops on writing, photography, video and so on, are given journalistic assignments and get published on the website. In addition, wherever possible, the club members are paired up for different assignments with our journalism volunteers, to facilitate cultural exchange and transfer of experience and language skills.


You don't necessarily have to be a Projects Abroad volunteer or live in one of our destination countries in order to contribute to the website. All you need to do - if you're younger than 26 and want to share your views, problems and news - is to write an article, take a photo that will illustrate your topic (preferably landscape format) and complete the form you can find by clicking on 'Become a Contributor!' If your text is well written and interesting, it will be published on the website. Check out our contributors.

If you're above 26 and you would still like to get involved with the project, you can contribute by sending your ideas and opinions through the 'Message to the Editor' section. As this is a unique initiative, we are more than open to suggestions that will help us improve. If you have experience in journalism, we would love to receive articles from you that we can publish in the 'Hints and Tips' section.