The Anti-Corruption Crusade:

High School Students Call Romanians to Action

April 14, 2014  |  By Emilia-Cristina Tiganescu, Romania And Andreea-Ioana Vihristencu, Romania

The Anti-Corruption Crusade:

Photo : Kazuki Shimada

We have all met at some point in life with corruption. We have seen such a case, we have heard on the news or eventually we were its victims. Not everyone understands the true meaning of this kind of social phenomenon, and more sadly, there are many people among us who do not consider corruption illegal. The real question here is why. Why does this sort of mentality exist? A fair answer would be the fact that we all have got used to it, more or less, whereas we, the Romanians, are on the top of a recent poll, but there is a clear headed part of population who still thinks that corruption is an act which defies the law, a real injury.  Maybe we arrived at that point where even human rights must be paid to be in force? “Eradicating the corruption means a new self-consciousness.” Here is an opinion of someone who is truly against it. “Corruption in Romania was born when the standard of living decreased considerably and it is kept alive by the politicians.” Those strong words should bring a little light is everyone’s narrowed mind. The fear of expressing dissatisfaction and injustice that surrounds the entire population should disappear because placidity transforms us in indirect supporters of corruption. “It seems that in the actual society, corruption is the only way to solve your problems. Even though what you need is legal, you still have to pay for it. I do not think is quite fair.” This point of view is entirely true and giving bribe is very “fashionable” nowadays. It is present in every domain, from health system to teaching system, which is very unusual, because the right for education and health should be free.

Why don’t you stand up when you can change something? We, “Andrei Saguna” High School Brasov, have decided, through this project, to try making you more aware of the fact that we can “heal” our country from corruption, of course, if we only want to. The project involves the development of a local campaign in order to raise the public’s awareness regarding the determination of an active attitude vis-a-vis the prevention of corruption. Also, we are trying to answer to the question: “Which are the people’s needs in order to prevent corruption?”. Our solutions: formulating clear laws that can be applied in any situation, improving the living standards of the society, educating young people about the phenomenon of corruption, not stopping the voice of the media.

The clarity of the laws, of the constitution, is of utmost importance for a country’s population. We believe that’s the point where we should start our “battle” against corruption. Everyone should be aware when breaking such crucial laws: teachers, doctors, police officers and on the other side of the story, students, patients and drivers. As our own poll shows, many teenagers seem to not have a concrete idea of what really is corruption. Moreover, the only act commonly known by our respondents is bribery. This fact may affect harshly many future generations, but also, it could contribute to the diminution of the true values in a respected society: honesty, honor and fairness. And what another better way, is there, to creatively inform any kind of people, than through media?        

In order to elaborate these solutions, subsequently, our team had to do some research: causes, effects, statistics, and polls; everything that could build in any person’s mind the following popping image: money, money in people’s hands, money being exchanged in people’s hands. Thus, significant pieces of information were included in a brochure having the purpose to “dare” people’s interest for such a delicate problem like the corruption.  

Meanwhile “building up” the brochure, an empty apartment in Brasov, hosted the film set of our short movie. Representing a typical family, throughout 3 minutes of acting, our colleagues are trying to convince the future viewers that corruption is, in fact, a “moral crime” continuously affecting our society’s mentality. The video means to synthesize every objective information concerning the corruption acts but, in a subjective, sensitive way. At its release, it determined various reactions: “Simply perfect!”, “It’s amazing!” and also “I believe it’s pretty good but it may be too emotional to impress large groups of people”. You may decide for yourselves what would be the impact of our short movie.

In order to be completed, our project was added a motto (“Corruption. An obstacle against development.”) and a logo presenting 3 hands holding each other and showing that unity can change anything.

So, we started. You have to continue. Continue believing in morality, fairness. Start trusting your own power of will! Even Mr. Abraham Lincoln thought: “These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have”. Again, why don’t you stand up when you can change something?

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