Miles Kane Is Sticking Around

August 10, 2013  |  By Amelie Phillipson, France

Miles Kane Is Sticking Around

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Miles Kane gave us a smashing debut album in the spring of 2011. As if that hadn’t been enough, he was touring throughout the year, winning over his audience at every single concert he played. And it was definitely not any audience: in between little shows and club gigs, the co-frontman of the Last Shadow Puppets has been supporting not only his friends the Arctic Monkeys, but also major British headlining groups like Kasabian or Beady Eye. Miles Kane has everything anybody would need to shine on stage: incredible energy, rock’n roll attitude, a big attention given to clothes and considering his age, a master’s hand on the guitar. The songs themselves are perfectly shaped for live performances. As for his voice, well it really is his voice: there’s nothing quite like it. And even with all that, if you think Miles Kane himself isn’t enough, he is also backed up by a great live band, and that is probably his secret weapon for gigs. Well, that and the fact that he covers french singer Jacques Dutronc’s song, “The Responsible”.

With a guitar, and behind a microphone, Kane is untouchable. Attacking him, based only on his gig performances is as difficult as attacking John Lennon based only on the song “Imagine”. He himself wouldn’t dare criticize Lennon anyway, and not only because he comes from Liverpool.  At this stage, the question could be: is he too much? Some might say “yes”, and when one sees him strutting around on stage, that answer makes sense, but the music itself is so good, it’s easy for the few people who think he’s too much to go along with it, they’ll just quickly comment on it the next morning. But these spectators are very few. It seems now days that the one who was once known as “Alex Turner’s friend” is pretty much the center of attention in any room he’s in.

On the 21st of April 2012, Kane released a new EP, the main song being “First of my Kind”. Ten days earlier, the video of that song had been put up on the internet. The song is obviously a powerful Kane-type tune that shows how fearless this lad is: big orchestra sounds strike the ear first, something we didn’t get on the album, “Colour of the Trap”. In this new song, the string and brass sections play an important part, without however taking over the has-to-be guitar part or the superb drumming. This song reflects perfectly the effect of the Last Shadow Puppets on the singer, not only because of the orchestra, but also in the lyrics and in the energy released by the song. The video clip however is one hundred per cent Miles Kane, showing him walking and singing in the streets, including of course a few night-time shots around the Eiffel Tower – he does like the whole “French thing”. Or maybe he’s just trying to conquer a French audience, even if he doesn’t really need to put Paris in his video to do that. On a couple of other new tracks on the EP, Kane continues to regale us with straight forward songs that still sound fresh when you’ve listened to them twenty times. And finally, what better way to conclude the EP then give us a stripped down acoustic version of the well-known and still loved song “Colour of the Trap”?

For those frustrated with only having three new songs to listen to, no fears, Miles Kane is planning his second album for the end of the year, and has been working on it with British musician Paul Weller, from The Jam and The Style Council. No doubt, this young chap is sticking around and he will be doing that for a while. He has to, music needs him.

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